Instructor: Dr. Ganesh Bagler

Topics covered in the course:

  1. Introduction to Programming:
    • Basics of computation and Programming
    • Introduction to Linux Operating systems
    • Linux: Concepts, syntax and basic operations
  2. Introduction to Matlab:
    • Basics of MatLab
    • Data structures programming constructs
    • Functions and scripting
  3. Examples:
    • Sequences
    • Random numbers
    • File Operations
    • Plotting
  4. Introduction to programming in R:
    • Basic of R
    • Syntax and data structures
    • Scripting and functions
  5. Library- Bio3d:
    • Application of Bio3d for structural analysis
  6. Library- Bioconductor:
    • Application of Bioconductor for bioinformatics analysis
    • Sequence alignment; Clustering; Homology modeling
  7. Network Analysis:
    • Network parameters
    • Construction of network models of biological systems and analysis
  8. Introduction to tools of research:
    • Mendeley: Reference Management
    • Paper writing and literature survey
  9. Mini Research Computational Project

Reference Material:

  1. Christos Xenophontos, "A Beginner’s Guide to Matlab", (Tutorial)
  2. Stephan Eglan., "R Programming", (Course Material)
  3. Martin Dugas and Hans-Ulrich Klein., "Introduction to R and Bioconductor" (Training Material)