Prof. Ganesh Bagler


A physicist (UniPune) and computational researcher (HCU) by training, I have been investigating questions of biological origin. I have been working on biological complex systems; specifically, on questions related to proteins, diseases, medicine, and brain. From the last 7 years, I am establishing a new domain ‚ÄúComputational Gastronomy‚ÄĚ, a data science approach to food, flavors, nutrition and health.

I modelled protein structures as complex networks (Residue Interaction Graphs) and pondered on questions related to their topology, folding, kinetics and function. During doctoral research, I stumbled upon the fact that residue interaction graph models of protein structures are characterized by assortative mixing, which has a bearing on their folding kinetics. Insights from these studies have led to engineering of a thermostable enzyme. I have been working to understand complexity and control structures of diseases phenotypes, such as asthma, cancers, metastasis, and diabetes. Presently, I am dwelling on subtle regulatory mechanisms underlying health and unhealthy by taking a "systems perspective of life".

Aligned with the applications of food design for health and medicine, our discovery of food pairing analysis in Indian cuisine has been well received by academia as well as media.