An integrative resource to explore interrelationships among foods, diseases, genes and chemicals.

DietRx Summary

DietRx provides a platform for exploring health impacts of dietary ingredients by integrating interrelationships among food and key molecular agents. The resource assimilates dietary factors (food and chemicals), their health consequences (diseases) and genetic mechanisms to facilitate queries for investigating associations among these entities. At the core of the DietRx is the data of 21207 positive/negative food-disease associations for 1781 food entities belonging to 24 categories (vegetable, plant, fruit, meat & egg, herbs & spices etc.) text-mined from biomedical literature (27 million MEDLINE abstracts) using state-of-the-art named entity recognition tools, and a deep learning based relation classification model (Precision=0.87, Recall=0.8, and F1 Score = 0.84) which was trained with significant amount of manually curated data. These data are further interlinked with those involving 6992 food chemicals and 20550 genes, compiled from curated data sources, thereby creating a seamless platform for probing elements central to diet and their health consequences. DietRx facilitates the study of associations among food, disease, chemicals, and genes to enable data-driven inferences to be used for culinary interventions, nutrigenomics insights as well as for drug discovery endeavors.

DietRx Entities of the Month


NCBI Taxonomy ID: 4682
Common Names: Garlic
Scientific Name: Allium sativum
Category: Herbs and Spices

Interleukin 6

Entrez Gene ID: 3569
Official Gene Symbol: IL6
Official Gene Name: interleukin 6
Organism: Homo sapiens


Disease ID: MESH:D009765
Disease Name: Obesity
Synonyms: Leanness, Included
Category: Nutrition disorder, Signs and symptoms


PubChem CID: 10251
Common Name: Flavanone
IUPAC Name: 2-phenyl-2,3-dihydrochromen-4-one


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