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Brazilian Flan

Estimated Nutritional Profile
Nutrient Quantity
Protein (g)42.4532
Energy (kCal)2151.7942
Carbohydrates (g)246.202
Total fats (g)116.005
Temporal Sequence of Cooking Processes
Early Stage
Middle Stage Processes
    Late Stage
    Utensils Used
    | 1. Preheat oven to 350°F. | 2. In a small pan, combine sugar and water, and boil rapidly until a light golden color. | 3. Pour sugar into the pan of your choice, A pie pan will do. Coat the bottom and sides. Let cool. | 4. In a blender, mix condensed milk, eggs & milk together. Add the Vanilla. Mix on low for a few seconds, pour mixture into the caramelized sugar-coated pie dish. | 5. Place dish in large roasting pan or baking pan. Add enough hot water to come halfway up sides of pie dish. The flan shouldn't float. Bake flan in water bath for 90 minutes. Let cool, then cover and chill overnight. | 6. To serve: Run a rubber spatula around the edges to loosen. Place a serving plate that's a little bigger than the pie pan on top of the pie pan, and flip upside down. Gently remove the pie pan and cut the flan into sliced portions to serve or slice and serve from the pie pan. | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Estimated Nutritional Profile for Ingredients
    Ingredient Name Quantity Unit State Energy (kcal) Carbohydrates Protein (g) Total Lipid (Fat) (g)
    sugar 1 cup 805.98 201.59599999999998 0.0 0.0
    water 1/4 cup 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
    milk 1 can sweetened condensed 827.5862 19.934 8.2399 85.7811
    egg 3 214.5 1.08 18.84 14.265
    milk 2 cups 297.68 23.3264 15.372 15.9576
    vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon 6.047999999999999 0.2656 0.0013 0.0013

    - Means that suitable USDA nutrition profile could not be mapped for this ingredient-unit combination.

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