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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:


Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Mango And Almond Indian Subcontinent Indian 1.00
Pink Colada Caribbean Rest Caribbean 1.00
Pink Pomegranate Sparkler Australian Australian 0.98
Non-Alcoholic Mango Margaritas Mexican Mexican 0.98
A rich source of Vitamin B Complex for your body! Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.97
Poinsettias Australian Australian 0.97
Abiu Dessert Australian Australian 0.97
Thunderdome (Ciclon) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.97
Sparkling Paradise Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.97
Tropical Wave Mocktail Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.97
Obici Martini Italian Italian 0.97
X-Rated Tart French French 0.97
St. Germain Cocktail French French 0.97
Fusion Fizz French French 0.97
Campari Spritzer Italian Italian 0.97
Punch Canadian Canadian 0.97
Orange Italian Soda With a Tropical Attitude Italian Italian 0.97
Hedonism 43 Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.97
Nightcrawler's Delight Irish Irish 0.97
Due Campari Cocktail Italian Italian 0.97
King Peter (Cocktail) Scandinavian Swedish 0.97
Crown and Coke Canadian Canadian 0.97
Pineapple-Coconut-Drink Deutschland German 0.92
Jamaica Fruit - nonalcoholic cocktail Deutschland German 0.92
Chilly Mochaccino Canadian Canadian 0.88
Cherry Flip - nonalcoholic cocktail Deutschland German 0.87
Virgin White Sangria Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
August Sunset Mocktail Canadian Canadian 0.87
Coconut Kiss Deutschland German 0.87
Virgin Dark and Stormy Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.87
Caribbean Passion (Non Alcoholic) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.87
Hurricane Cocktail Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.87
Orthoniatis Cocktail Australian New Zealander 0.87
Ginger Cosmopolitan UK English 0.87
Jenna J Scandinavian Norwegian 0.87
Lemon Fizz Mocktail UK English 0.87
Vanilla Twist Cocktail Italian Italian 0.87
Pineapple Lemonade UK English 0.87
Lemon Capri Italian Italian 0.87
French Revolution French French 0.87
X-Rated on the Beach French French 0.87
Swamp Water Irish Irish 0.87
Dairy Free Café Au Lait (Algeria) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
The Steam Liner Splash - a Mocktail Canadian Canadian 0.87
Pineapple-orange Slush Canadian Canadian 0.87
Fruity Soda Pop Italian Italian 0.87
Sparkling Lime Christmas Punch Irish Irish 0.87
Booboo Punch-Spanish Punch Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
Apple Lemonade Canadian Canadian 0.87
Pina Colada Sorbert 2011 Canadian Canadian 0.87