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Spiessbraten, Idar-Oberstein Style

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Estimated Nutritional Profile
Nutrient Quantity
Protein (g)93.864
Energy (kCal)549.9144
Carbohydrates (g)1.3595
Total fats (g)16.0364
Temporal Sequence of Cooking Processes
Early Stage
Middle Stage Processes
    Late Stage
    Utensils Used
    | 1. Mix the spices with your hands, squeezing the onions until they get juicy. | 2. Place some of the spice mixture in a dish, place the meat on top and cover with the rest of the mixture. | 3. Cover the dish and marinate for at least 3 hours or up to 6 hours. I don't recommend to marinate over night because the onions will turn bitter. | 4. Fire up the grill and when it has its cooking temperature, remove the marinade from the meat and grill to desired doneness. | 5. If you go with pork tenderloin, make sure you don't overcook the meat. Take it off the grill when it is still flexible when you press on it with your finger. Place it in an oven dish, cover it and let it rest in the oven at about 200 degrees for 10 minutes. This gives the juices a chance to settle and the meat will be soooo tender. | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Estimated Nutritional Profile for Ingredients
    Ingredient Name Quantity Unit State Energy (kcal) Carbohydrates Protein (g) Total Lipid (Fat) (g)
    pork tenderloin 1 lb 544.0012 0.0 93.6135 16.0027
    yellow onion 1 chopped - - - -
    garlic clove 1 minced 4.47 0.9918 0.1908 0.015
    salt 4 pinches - - - -
    black pepper 4 pinches 1.4432 0.3677 0.0597 0.0187

    - Means that suitable USDA nutrition profile could not be mapped for this ingredient-unit combination.

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