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Sara's Perfect Margarita

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Estimated Nutritional Profile
Nutrient Quantity
Protein (g)23.4454
Energy (kCal)1857.0471
Carbohydrates (g)524.8393
Total fats (g)7.5193
Temporal Sequence of Cooking Processes
Early Stage
Middle Stage Processes
    Late Stage
    Utensils Used
    | 1. Place lime juice, lemon juice, and sugar in the blender. Blend for 2 minutes, to dissolve all the sugar. | 2. Add tequila, and fill jug with ice cubes. Blend until ice is crushed. | 3. Dip the rim of a glass in the jug, then dip it in salt. Fill the glass with your drink, and enjoy! :). | 4. I keep the jug in the freezer, and give it a quick whizz on the blender each time before I pour a new glass. | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Estimated Nutritional Profile for Ingredients
    Ingredient Name Quantity Unit State Energy (kcal) Carbohydrates Protein (g) Total Lipid (Fat) (g)
    lime juice 250 945.3125 318.3812 15.8812 2.6469
    lemon juice 125 419.375 131.5312 6.6719 4.575
    sugar 3 tablespoons 165.18599999999998 41.3172 0.0 0.0
    tequila 500 ml 327.1736 33.6097 0.8923 0.2974
    ice cube - - - -
    salt - - - -

    - Means that suitable USDA nutrition profile could not be mapped for this ingredient-unit combination.

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