Category: Fungus
Synonyms: Truffle
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Natural Source of Truffle: Ascomycota
Kingdom: Fungi
Subkingdom: Dikarya
Division: Ascomycota
Natural Source of Truffle : Ascomycota
Common Name PubChem ID Flavor Profile More Info.
phenol 996 phenol, plastic, rubber, phenolic
Bis(methylthio)methane 15380 sulfur, sulfurous, garlic, green, horseradish, mushroom, spicy, cheese
1,2-propanediol 1030 alcoholic, very slight, odorless
3-Octanol 11527 citrus, nut, moss, herbal, earthy, woody, melon, minty, mushroom, spicy
Propionaldehyde 527 solvent, alcohol, whiskey, wine, earthy, cocoa, pungent, nutty
Octan-2-one 8093 natural, earthy, gasoline, weedy, herbal, woody, bitter, soap
1-Hexanol 8103 oil, alcoholic, ethereal, resin, fusel, sweet, fruity, flower, green
1-Heptanol 8129 leafy, coconut, herbal, peony, strawberry, chemical, musty, sweet, woody, violet, green
2-Nonanol 12367 citrus, orange, waxy, cucumber, creamy, fruity, cheese, green
Isobutyraldehyde 6561 malt, fresh, floral, pungent, aldehydic, green
2-Methylbutyraldehyde 7284 musty, coffee, cocoa, nutty, almond
Isoamylamine 7894 unpleasant, ammonia
Anisole 7519 butter, ethereal, alcohol, gasoline, anise, cheese, phenolic
1-propanol 1031 alcoholic, fermented, alcohol, musty, fusel, pungent, peanut
2-Methyl-1-propanol 6560 solvent, ether, wine, bitter
dimethyl sulfide 1068 sulfur, sulfurous, cabbage, onion, gasoline, vegetable, sulfury, sweet corn, tomato, radish, wild, green
3-Methylbutanal 11552 peach, sour, chocolate, ethereal, malt, fatty, aldehydic
2-Phenylethanol 6054 lilac, rose, rose water, honey, rose flower, floral, spice, bitter, rose dried
3-Octanone 246728 butter, herbal, resin, fresh, mushroom, sweet, lavender, herb
1-Octen-3-Ol 18827 raw, fishy, oily, earthy, fungal, chicken, mushroom, green