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Flavor molecules interact with gustatory and olfactory mechanisms to evoke a wide spectrum of taste and odor. Flavor industry has successfully used, both, the compounds extracted from natural sources as well as their synthetic variations with limited success in imitating their natural counterparts. Knowing their relevance for food and fragrances, it is valuable to have a comprehensive repository of flavor molecules along with their major attributes pertaining to flavour profile, chemical properties, regulatory status, taste/aroma threshold values, consumption statistics, reported uses in food categories, and synthesis.

Here, we describe FlavorDB2, an updated and significantly expanded database of flavor molecules (https://cosylab.iiitd.edu.in/flavordb2/). We have updated FlavorDB2 with a range of attributes of flavor compounds, wherever available, including (i) a wide variety of nomenclatures, (ii) flavor description, (iii) regulatory status, (iv) taste/aroma threshold values, (v) natural occurrence, (vi) composition, (vii) consumption statistics, (viii) specifications, (ix) reported uses in food categories, and (x) synthesis. Importantly, the search functionalities have also been updated accordingly. FlavorDB2 remains the most comprehensive repository of flavor compounds and will continue to serve as a standard data repository for the flavor and fragrance community.

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