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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Cranberry Gin and Tonic

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Kentucky Derby Bourbon Punch US US 1.00
Lime Sunset Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Australian Australian 0.99
Limoncello Spritzer US US 0.99
No Problem (Jamaican Cocktail) Rest Africa Nigerian 0.99
Cuba Libre Caribbean Cuban 0.99
Strawberry Soda Whizz Australian Australian 0.99
Cranberry Splash Punch Central American Honduran 0.98
Pat's Cuba Libre Highball Caribbean Cuban 0.98
Banana Orange Daiquiri Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.98
Cuban Breeze Caribbean Cuban 0.98
Magical Low-Calorie Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.98
Papa Dobles Caribbean Cuban 0.98
Wild Cherry Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.98
Spring Fling Cocktail Australian Australian 0.98
Barbados Rum Punch Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.98
Frozen Raspberry Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.98
Snowball UK English 0.98
The Pisces: Violet Crème Yvette Sparkling Aperitif French French 0.98
Austrian Hussar Deutschland Austrian 0.98
Strawberry Adult Drink!!! Deutschland German 0.98
St. Patrick's Shnockered! Shandy Irish Irish 0.98
Sparkling Lime Christmas Punch Irish Irish 0.98
Booboo Punch-Spanish Punch Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.98
Apple Lemonade Canadian Canadian 0.97
Pina Colada Sorbert 2011 Canadian Canadian 0.94
Nonalcoholic Spanish Sangria - 2 Ww Points Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
August Sunset Mocktail Canadian Canadian 0.93
Canadian Mojito Canadian Canadian 0.93
Sparkling Party Punch (non-alcoholic) Canadian Canadian 0.93
Delightful Cranberry Lemonade Canadian Canadian 0.93
Southern Scream Canadian Canadian 0.91
Mendocino Cocktail Canadian Canadian 0.89
Blessed Sunfruit Juice Canadian Canadian 0.89
Bahamas - Non Alcoholic Cocktail Deutschland German 0.89
Pear Martini Canadian Canadian 0.89
Tropical Cranberry Ginger Punch Canadian Canadian 0.88
Americano Cocktail Italian Italian 0.88
Agua De Valencia - Knock Your Socks off Spanish Cava Punch! Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.88
Cranberry Kinos Scandinavian Swedish 0.88
Canadian Bay Breeze Canadian Canadian 0.88
Americano Italian Italian 0.88
Venetian Spritz Italian Italian 0.88
Grampa Doogin Cocktail Canadian Canadian 0.88
Linda's Punch Canadian Canadian 0.88
Pina Colada Slush Canadian Canadian 0.88
Sex on the Beach With a Dead German Rockstar Deutschland German 0.88
Pineapple-Coconut-Drink Deutschland German 0.88
Banana-Rama Mocktail Canadian Canadian 0.87
Sara's Sangria Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.83
Cranberry Cream Mocktail Canadian Canadian 0.82