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French Cosmopolitan With Mandarin Orange

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Reggae Sunsplash Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.98
Sara's Perfect Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.97
Cool Carlito Mexican Mexican 0.97
Limoncello Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.97
Midori Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.97
Cosmopolitan Champagne Cocktail Australian Australian 0.97
Purple Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.97
Tequichis Mexican Mexican 0.97
Sparkling Pineapple Lemonade Canadian Canadian 0.97
Vodka Lime Slush Irish Irish 0.97
Baileys Irish Martini Irish Irish 0.97
Cotton Candy Cocktail Canadian Canadian 0.95
Hpnotiq Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.95
Cranberry Kir Champagne Cocktail Australian Australian 0.95
Tangerine Margaritas Mexican Mexican 0.95
An Aussie Sol Australian New Zealander 0.95
Blue Lagoon Australian New Zealander 0.95
Quick Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.95
Slemmig Slyna Cocktail Australian New Zealander 0.95
Pernod (pastis) Classique French French 0.95
Russian Lemonade Eastern European Russian 0.95
French Daiquiri French French 0.95
The Best Party Punch Ever! Irish Irish 0.95
Traditional Irish Coffee Irish Irish 0.95
Malibu & Cranberry Cocktail Canadian Canadian 0.94
Lemon-Lime Bullfrogs Irish Irish 0.91
Fresh Flower-Herb Blossom Ice Cubes for Summertime Entertaining UK English 0.91
Vyssinatha (Greek N-A Sour Cherry Cordial) Greek Greek 0.91
Saumon a L'unilateral - Salmon Cooked on One Side Only French French 0.91
Brewed Iced Tea With Lemon South American Argentine 0.90
Flowers and Posies Frozen in Time! Fresh Floral Ice Cubes UK English 0.90
Beefeater French 75 French French 0.90
Italian Cream Soda Italian Italian 0.90
Wild Irish Rose Irish Irish 0.90
Cranberry Whip Scandinavian Swedish 0.90
White Grape and Lemon Gelatin Canadian Canadian 0.90
Italian Sodas Italian Italian 0.90
Lemon-Limeade Concentrate Canadian Canadian 0.90
Vatkattu Marjapuuro (Whipped Berry Pudding) Scandinavian Swedish 0.90
To Prepare Canned Tomatoes for Cooking Italian Italian 0.90
Iced Espresso Marvo Italian Italian 0.90
Coconut-Raspberry (Or Strawberry) Italian Soda (Diabetic) Italian Italian 0.90
Crimson Bubbles Canadian Canadian 0.90
Sparkling Party Punch (non-alcoholic) Canadian Canadian 0.90
Creamy Vegan Eggnog Canadian Canadian 0.90
The Green Fairy UK Scottish 0.90
French Vanilla Frozen Coffee (Drink) French French 0.90
Ww 1 Point - Russian Watermelon Eastern European Russian 0.90
Perfect Cranberry Sauce UK English 0.90
Swiss Strawberry Sours Deutschland Swiss 0.90