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Brewed Iced Tea With Lemon

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Coconut Sauce Southeast Asian Filipino 1.00
Creamy Coconut Margarita Mexican Mexican 1.00
Colorado Pug US US 1.00
South Carolina Sweet Tea US US 1.00
Chinese Green Tea Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 1.00
Preserved Lemons(ATK) Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 1.00
Injera Rest Africa Ethiopian 1.00
Homemade Pomegranate Syrup Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 1.00
Border Buttermilk Mexican Mexican 1.00
Cuban Coffee (Cafecito) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 1.00
Ginger Berry Brew Caribbean Rest Caribbean 1.00
Muy Fuerte Margarita Mexican Mexican 1.00
Jamaican Coffee Caribbean Rest Caribbean 1.00
Fresh Flower-Herb Blossom Ice Cubes for Summertime Entertaining UK English 1.00
Vyssinatha (Greek N-A Sour Cherry Cordial) Greek Greek 1.00
Saumon a L'unilateral - Salmon Cooked on One Side Only French French 1.00
Flowers and Posies Frozen in Time! Fresh Floral Ice Cubes UK English 1.00
Beefeater French 75 French French 1.00
Italian Cream Soda Italian Italian 1.00
Cranberry Whip Scandinavian Swedish 1.00
White Grape and Lemon Gelatin Canadian Canadian 1.00
Italian Sodas Italian Italian 1.00
Vatkattu Marjapuuro (Whipped Berry Pudding) Scandinavian Swedish 1.00
To Prepare Canned Tomatoes for Cooking Italian Italian 1.00
Coconut-Raspberry (Or Strawberry) Italian Soda (Diabetic) Italian Italian 0.95
Portuguese " Secret" Coffee Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.95
Frozen French Lemonade French French 0.95
Lucky Leprechaun Lime Drink Irish Irish 0.95
Frozen Lime Cooler Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Rainbow Ribbon Mold Canadian Canadian 0.95
Dairy Free Café Au Lait (Algeria) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Lemon Syrup Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Lemon Granita Italian Italian 0.95
Lavender Lemonade Canadian Canadian 0.95
Low-Sugar Elderberry (Or Blackberry) Jelly Canadian Canadian 0.89
Rose Water Syrup Greek Greek 0.89
The Greek Lantern Greek Greek 0.89
Hawaii French Dressing French French 0.89
Cranberry Glaze Canadian Canadian 0.89
Chilly Mochaccino Canadian Canadian 0.89
Scrumptious Pink Cake Icing ! Canadian Canadian 0.89
Slow Cooker Cranberry Tea Canadian Canadian 0.89
Lime and Ginger Syrup Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.87
Vietnamese Sweet Rice Squares Southeast Asian Vietnamese 0.87
Sour Cherry Syrup Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 0.87
Moroccan Mint Tea Northern Africa Moroccan 0.87
Pickled Lemon Slices Northern Africa Moroccan 0.87
Ginger Yogurt Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.87
Moroccan Tea Northern Africa Moroccan 0.87
South African Homemade Lemonade Rest Africa Nigerian 0.87