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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Danish Beer Bread (Ollebrod) Abm

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Machine Beer French Bread French French 0.98
No-Knead Baguette -- Using Recipe #309834 French French 0.97
Pale Lager Pizza Crust Italian Italian 0.97
Beer and Oat Bread Irish Irish 0.97
Focaccia Genoese Italian Italian 0.97
Oaten Rolls UK English 0.97
Pane Pugliese (Italian Peasent Bread) Italian Italian 0.96
Simple Roman Pizza Dough Italian Italian 0.95
Failproof French Bread (Bread Machine) French French 0.95
Bread Machine French Bread (simple, simple, simple) French French 0.95
Basic Machine French Bread French French 0.95
Portuguese Peasant Bread Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.95
Hungarian Country Bread Eastern European Hungarian 0.95
Quick and Easy Artisan Pain D’Epi (Wheat Stalk Bread) French French 0.95
My Pizza Dough (Fat Free) Italian Italian 0.95
Italian Wine Biscuits Italian Italian 0.95
Siegfried – the Birth (Starter) Deutschland German 0.95
No-Knead Ciabatta Italian Italian 0.95
Jason's Quick Ciabatta Italian Italian 0.95
Biga Italian Italian 0.95
Hermann – the Birth (Starter) Deutschland German 0.95
Quick and Easy Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread Canadian Canadian 0.95
Food Processor Oatmeal Bread Canadian Canadian 0.95
French Baguette (Food Processor) French French 0.95
Hands off French Bread French French 0.93
Gourmet French Bread Style Hamburger and Hotdog Buns (Bread Mach French French 0.93
Easy French or Italian Bread Italian Italian 0.93
French Bread French French 0.93
Crusty Country Style French Bread French French 0.93
Harry's Italian Style Pizza Base (Dough) Italian Italian 0.93
Italian Bread Dough Italian Italian 0.93
Irish Brown Bread Irish Irish 0.93
The easiest (non-machine) white bread in the world Irish Irish 0.93
Perfect Pizza Base Italian Italian 0.93
Italian Peasant Bread Italian Italian 0.92
Yum Italian Pizza Base Italian Italian 0.92
Bailey's Irish Cream Bread (Bread Machine) Irish Irish 0.92
Jamie Olivers Amazing Pizza Dough Italian Italian 0.92
Rye Bread - the Real Stuff Scandinavian Swedish 0.92
Cavatelli (Gavadeel'- Pasta Shells) Italian Italian 0.92
Ploye Canadian Canadian 0.92
Chewy Oatmeal Cookies Eastern European Polish 0.92
Elswet's Quick, Easy, & Delicious Diabetic Irish Shortbread Irish Irish 0.92
Brass Polish Eastern European Polish 0.92
German Sourdough Bread (No Bread Machine) Deutschland German 0.91
Ketchup Spaghetti Australian New Zealander 0.91
Chuck William's Country French Bread (Bread Machine) French French 0.91
Pain Brie ("crushed" Bread of Normandy) French French 0.91
Quick Arborio (Short-Grained) Rice - 2-Qt. Pressure Cooker Italian Italian 0.91
Swedish Whipped Farina Scandinavian Swedish 0.91