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Todd's Russian Tea

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Red Curry Sauce for Fish, Rice, or Veggies Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 1.00
Moroccan Daydream Coffee Northern Africa Moroccan 1.00
Kahawa - Ethiopian Coffee Rest Africa Ethiopian 1.00
Cardamom Green Tea Indian Subcontinent Pakistani 1.00
Mexican Caramel Coffee Mexican Mexican 1.00
Maple Creme Cafe, Diabetic Canadian Canadian 1.00
Russian Tea (All Natural) Eastern European Russian 0.96
Persian Passion Tea Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 0.95
The Gambia Lemon Ginger Tea (Gingembre) Rest Africa Nigerian 0.94
Arabic Coffee, the Saudi Way Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 0.94
Lime and Ginger Syrup Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.94
Arabic Qahwa Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 0.94
Cinnamon Tea(Sudan) Rest Africa Nigerian 0.94
Kopi Jahe (Indonesian Coffee With Ginger) Southeast Asian Indonesian 0.94
Qishr - Yemeni Ginger Coffee Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 0.94
Turkish Coffee....kah'wah Middle Eastern Lebanese 0.94
Turkish Coffee Brewing Middle Eastern Turkish 0.94
Kahwah Saa'dah.........middle Eastern Special Occasion Coffee Middle Eastern Saudi Arabian 0.94
Café De Olla: Sweet Cinnamon Coffee Mexican Mexican 0.94
Mexican Chocolate Coffee Mexican Mexican 0.94
Hibiscus Punch Mexican Mexican 0.94
Lucas Candy Mexican Mexican 0.94
Homemade Ginger Beer Irish Irish 0.94
Polish Horseradish (Chrzan) Eastern European Polish 0.93
Lavender Punch Canadian Canadian 0.91
Mexican Fiesta Dressing Mexican Mexican 0.91
Caribbean Bananas Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.91
Orange Ginger Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.91
Greek Style Pork Chops Greek Greek 0.91
The Greek Lantern Greek Greek 0.91
Cranberry Glaze Canadian Canadian 0.91
Farmhouse Holiday Cranberry Sipper Canadian Canadian 0.91
Slow Cooker Cranberry Tea Canadian Canadian 0.89
Mahleb Syrup Greek Greek 0.87
Latholemono Greek Greek 0.87
Kythoni Xysto: Grated Quince Spoon Sweet Greek Greek 0.87
Alli's Renegade Cocktail Sauce UK English 0.87
Ultimate Fish Batter UK English 0.87
Italian Marinade Italian Italian 0.87
Apricot Jam - Microwave Canadian Canadian 0.87
Starbuck's Spiced Holiday Coffee Scandinavian Swedish 0.87
Cardamom Applesauce Scandinavian Swedish 0.87
Chicken Drums - Cajun Canadian Canadian 0.87
Russian Tea II Eastern European Russian 0.87
Melachino ( Greek Wedding Cake) Greek Greek 0.87
Kataifi (Greek Shredded Wheat Pastry) Greek Greek 0.87
Citrus-Spiced Tapioca Canadian Canadian 0.87
Simple Greek Dressing Greek Greek 0.87
Lemon Butter Sauce French French 0.87
Fig and Balsamic Jam Italian Italian 0.87