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Shortbread Toffee Squares

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Caramel Fudge Shortbread UK Scottish 0.76
Coconut Ice - Old-Fashioned Sweet Shop Coconut Candy UK Scottish 0.72
Scottish Border Tart UK Scottish 0.67
Almond Roca (English Toffee) UK English 0.67
Mandarin-Raspberry Trifle UK English 0.65
Millionaire Shortbread UK Scottish 0.65
Queen Elizabeth Cake I UK English 0.65
English High Tea Preserved Ginger Drizzle Cake UK English 0.63
Lemon Poppy Seed Shortbread Bars UK Scottish 0.63
Nutmeg Rolls UK English 0.62
Quick and Easy Curry Chicken Tea Sandwich UK English 0.62
Bessie’s Scottish Shortbread UK Scottish 0.62
Chocolate Cranberry Gift Cookies UK English 0.62
Frosted Shortbread UK Scottish 0.62
Tipperary Biscuits UK Scottish 0.62
Jam and Cream Sponge UK English 0.61
Cherry Bakewell Cake UK English 0.61
Julia Child's Hungarian Shortbread by Charles UK Scottish 0.60
Almond Streusel Shortbread UK Scottish 0.60
Scottish Mint Delight UK Scottish 0.60
Pecan Caramel shortbread fingers UK Scottish 0.60
Empire Biscuits UK Scottish 0.60
Malted Milk Brownies UK English 0.60
Tempting Mochachino Trifles for Two! UK English 0.59
Apricot Shortbread UK Scottish 0.59
Victorian Spring Posy Cake for Easter or Mother's Day UK Scottish 0.59
Buggy's Shortbread UK Scottish 0.59
Buttercrunch Toffee Shortbread UK Scottish 0.59
Sugar and Spice Shortbread Sticks UK Scottish 0.59
Jo's Christmas English Toffee UK English 0.58
Christmas Toffee UK English 0.58
banoffie pie UK English 0.58
Lemon Poppy Seed Shortbread Cookies UK Scottish 0.58
Welsh Froise UK Welsh 0.58
Tomatoherd's Pie UK English 0.58
Raspberry Shortbread. UK Scottish 0.58
The Best Easter Chocolate Brownies Ever! UK English 0.57
Oaty Mixed Berry Crumble UK English 0.57
English Toffee Candy UK English 0.57
Bara Brith UK Welsh 0.57
English Pastry Pinwheels With Cheese and Onion UK English 0.57
Pendlebury Fruit Loaf UK English 0.57
Scottish Skirlie Fried Cakes UK Scottish 0.57
Grandma's Best Christmas Cake UK English 0.57
Chestnut Roast With Steamed Vegetables UK English 0.57
Coronation Chicken - Deli Style but Cheaper! UK English 0.56
Blackberry Chutney UK English 0.56
Lemon--Cranberry Shortbread UK Scottish 0.56
Buttery English Toffee UK English 0.56
Millionaire's Shortbread UK Scottish 0.56