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Classic Chocolate Mousse

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Le Francais Gâteau Au Chocolat French French 0.97
Chocolate Orange Liqueur Souffle With Chocolate Sauce French French 0.95
Tiramisu With Crème Fraîche Italian Italian 0.95
Tra Vigne's Chocolate Tiramisu by Michael Chiarello Italian Italian 0.94
Chocolate, Orange and Whiskey Mousse UK Scottish 0.94
French Chocolate Souffle French French 0.93
Creme De Menthe Brownies!! Canadian Canadian 0.93
Eggnog to Die For Canadian Canadian 0.93
Grand Marnier Custard Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.93
Kahlua Cheesecake Canadian Canadian 0.92
Irish Mist Cream Irish Irish 0.92
Irish Cream Cheesecake Ultimate Irish Irish 0.91
Stout & Irish Cream Cupcakes Irish Irish 0.91
Vanilla-Cashew Bars Canadian Canadian 0.90
Chocolate Chambord Cheesecake Canadian Canadian 0.90
Creme de Menthe Cheesecake Irish Irish 0.90
Irish Ghost Irish Irish 0.90
Simple Irish Cream Stuff Irish Irish 0.90
Bailey's Irish and Marshmallow Cream Fudge Irish Irish 0.90
Grasshopper Cheesecake Irish Irish 0.90
Vosi Hnizda (Czech Christmas Sweets) Eastern European Czech 0.90
Tiramisu Cheesecake Italian Italian 0.90
Old World Guinness Cake Irish Irish 0.89
Traditional Eggnog Sauce UK English 0.89
Lemon Souffle Omelette UK English 0.89
Leftover Christmas Pudding Ice Cream UK English 0.89
Flourless Chocolate Cake Italian Italian 0.89
Penne Rigatti Ala Vodka Italian Italian 0.89
Enchanted Fairy Butter UK English 0.89
Diabetic Ginger Peach Parfait Canadian Canadian 0.89
Cassata Siciliana Italian Italian 0.89
Baked Apples With Honey Cream Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.89
Orange-Chocolate Ice Cream Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.89
Brandy Cream Sauce Irish Irish 0.89
Tiramisu Trifle Italian Italian 0.89
Irish Coffee Chocolate Mousse Irish Irish 0.89
Baked Paczki for Mardi Gras Eastern European Polish 0.89
Stout Cupcakes With Irish Cream Frosting Irish Irish 0.88
Chocolate-Guinness Cheesecake Irish Irish 0.87
Brandied Chocolate Truffles Canadian Canadian 0.87
Bailey's Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Recipe Canadian Canadian 0.87
Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake Irish Irish 0.87
Irish Milk Chocolate Sauce Irish Irish 0.87
Irish Chocolate Bread Pudding With Sauce Irish Irish 0.87
Chocolate Strawberry Port Cake Canadian Canadian 0.87
El Paso Spanish Crema Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.86
Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Canadian Canadian 0.86
Gelato Fior Di Latte ('Flower of Milk' Gelato) Italian Italian 0.86
Irish Chocolate Ice Cream Irish Irish 0.85
Irish Jig Dessert Irish Irish 0.85