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Pepper Grill Beef and Turkey Sandwich

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Italian Easter Pie Italian Italian 0.99
Pizza Gain Aka Pizzagaina, Pizza Rustica, Italian Easter Ham Pie Italian Italian 0.98
Chile Con Queso for the Crock Pot Mexican Mexican 0.98
"cuban" Burgers Caribbean Cuban 0.98
Beef & Cheddar Sausage Pizza Singles South American Argentine 0.98
Bacon Cheese Beef Biscuits #RSC South American Argentine 0.98
Hot Dog Egg Burritos Mexican Mexican 0.98
Egg, Ham and Cheese Open Faced English Muffin UK English 0.98
Cerino's Italian Pie #5FIX Italian Italian 0.98
Croque Monsieur- Madam French French 0.98
Easy Roast Beef French Dips French French 0.98
English Muffins With Eggs, Cheese and Ham UK English 0.98
Hot Ham 'n' Swiss Deutschland Swiss 0.98
Prosciutto-Parmesan Grissini (Puff Pastry Breadsticks) Italian Italian 0.98
Spicy Italian Sausage and Pasta Italian Italian 0.98
Uitsmijter Ham Kaas Belgian Dutch 0.98
Prosciutto and Parmesan Puff Pastry Italian Italian 0.98
Scrambled Bread Canadian Canadian 0.98
MockDonald Breakfast Sandwich Canadian Canadian 0.98
Nothing Fancy Egg and Bacon Muffin Sandwhich Canadian Canadian 0.98
Bolognese Style Pan Pizza Italian Italian 0.96
Cheese Frankfurters Deutschland German 0.94
Buffet Eggs Canadian Canadian 0.94
French Bistro Burgers #5FIX French French 0.94
Italian Turkey Sausage Salad Italian Italian 0.94
Ham & Swiss Party Rye Bites Deutschland Swiss 0.94
Beef and Sun-Dried Tomato Roll-Ups South American Argentine 0.94
Roast Beef Panini With Chipotle Mashed Potato Aioli #5FIX South American Argentine 0.94
Real French Crepes French French 0.94
Smothered Beef Sandwiches South American Argentine 0.94
Kiss Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Danish Scandinavian Danish 0.94
Gluten-Free Italian Chicken Tenders Italian Italian 0.94
Ham and Swiss Appetizer Wheels Deutschland Swiss 0.94
Italian Bubble Pizza Italian Italian 0.94
Melted Swiss & Ham on Party Rye Deutschland Swiss 0.94
Perfect Tenderloin Steak - Bali Style Belgian Dutch 0.94
Pizza Eggs Italian Italian 0.94
Easy Chicken Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.94
Easy Italian Shake and Bake Chicken on Toasted Garlic Buns Italian Italian 0.94
Yummy Italian Sandwiches Italian Italian 0.94
Italian Baked Chicken Italian Italian 0.94
Egg Wash Canadian Canadian 0.94
Leftover Corned Beef Sandwich Irish Irish 0.94
Bacon, Egg 'n' Cheese Sandwiches Canadian Canadian 0.94
Italian Cheeseburgers Italian Italian 0.94
Stracciatelli (Italian Rag Soup) Italian Italian 0.94
Corned Beef Breakfast Irish Irish 0.93
Creamy Chicken Casserole Eastern European Polish 0.93
McDonald's Style McGriddle Sandwich Canadian Canadian 0.92
Pork Cordon Bleu Deutschland German 0.92