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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Corn Beef Hash #5FIX

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Zesty Italian Chicken Skillet Italian Italian 0.95
Rhonda's Crock Pot Italian Beef Italian Italian 0.95
Super Easy Spicy Beef Minestrone Soup South American Argentine 0.94
Slow Cooker Mexican Meat Mexican Mexican 0.94
Oysters Kilpatrick UK English 0.94
Asparagus Dinner Crepes French French 0.94
Saturday Night Oven Beef South American Argentine 0.93
Campbell's French Dip Sandwiches French French 0.93
Stewed Beef Chunks South American Argentine 0.93
Individual Sherried Eggs (Mini Casserole) French French 0.93
French Dip Roast Beef Sandwiches French French 0.93
Pantry Chicken Cordon Bleu Shells and Cheese French French 0.93
Zesty Italian Chicken and Rice Italian Italian 0.93
Full Ulster Fry Irish Irish 0.93
Quick Chicken Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.93
Stuffed Baked Heart Canadian Canadian 0.91
Spanish Chicken Easy Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Bigos (Hunter's Stew) Eastern European Polish 0.91
Lorac's Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Eastern European Polish 0.91
My Omas Lentil Soup Deutschland German 0.87
Aussie All-In-One Brekkie Australian New Zealander 0.87
Chocolate Ice-Cream Cake Australian Australian 0.87
Beef and Noodles the Easy Way South American Argentine 0.87
Saucy Forgotten Beef South American Argentine 0.87
Pantry Tomato Beef Soup South American Argentine 0.87
Swiss Chard Deutschland Swiss 0.87
Mareesme's "lazy Me" Beef Taco Meat South American Argentine 0.87
Simple Roast Beef South American Argentine 0.87
Dried Beef and Horseradish Dip South American Argentine 0.87
Italian Wedding Soup Firehouse Style Italian Italian 0.87
Russian Crock Pot Chicken Eastern European Russian 0.87
Full English Breakfast UK English 0.87
Pigs in Blankets-Bacon and Sausage Rolls for Christmas Trimmings UK Scottish 0.87
Baby Finger Food - Baby Meatballs Italian Italian 0.87
Easy Italian Roast Beef for Sandwiches (Crock Pot) Italian Italian 0.87
Zesty Italian Pork Chops Italian Italian 0.87
Onion pie my easy way (German Zwiebelkuchen) Deutschland German 0.87
Italian Crock Pot Chicken Italian Italian 0.87
Eggnog Custard (Easy) Canadian Canadian 0.87
Simply Shepherd's Pie #5FIX Irish Irish 0.87
Angie's Awesome Pot Roast (Crock Pot) Irish Irish 0.87
Easy Italian Chicken Breasts Italian Italian 0.87
Italian Pesto Chicken Italian Italian 0.87
Simply Cottage Pie #5FIX Irish Irish 0.87
Chicago Italian Beef Italian Italian 0.87
Halfway Homemade Ravioli Italian Italian 0.87
Shepherd's Pie Quebec-style (Pate chinois) Canadian Canadian 0.87
Polish Crock Pot Sauerkraut Eastern European Polish 0.84
Easy Dublin Coddle Irish Irish 0.83
German Potato Salad With Kielbasa Deutschland German 0.83