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Crusader Cake

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Welsh Cheese Cakes UK Welsh 0.75
Wilton Shortbread Cookies UK Scottish 0.71
Bara Brith UK Welsh 0.67
Cheese and Marmite Flapjacks UK English 0.67
Sugar-Crusted Popover Puffs UK English 0.65
Scottish Brown Bread UK Scottish 0.64
Coconut Macaroons II UK UK 0.63
Phebe's Shortbread UK Scottish 0.62
English Caraway Cake UK English 0.62
Fruit Loaf UK English 0.62
Fruitcake UK UK 0.62
Somerset Meatloaf UK English 0.62
Hovis (Malted Brown Bread) UK Scottish 0.62
Southern Skillet Fig and Fennel Cornbread With Cheddar Cheese UK Scottish 0.62
Christmas Cake UK UK 0.62
English Cookie Bars UK English 0.61
Impossible Pie UK English 0.61
Weetabix Honey Muffins UK English 0.61
Highland Toffee UK Scottish 0.60
Brown Sugar and Oatmeal Shortbread UK Scottish 0.60
Spicy Tea Bread UK English 0.59
Incredible Banana Coffee Cake UK English 0.59
Shortbread Fruit Tartlets UK Scottish 0.59
shortbread sampler UK Scottish 0.59
Rosemary Shortbread UK Scottish 0.58
Jaffa Cake Drizzle Loaf UK English 0.58
Date Loaf Cake UK English 0.58
Traditional Parkin UK English 0.58
Coconut Shortbread - John Ash & Co. Restaurant, Santa Rosa, UK Scottish 0.57
Cheese and Veggie Crescent Squares UK English 0.57
Quick Shortbread UK Scottish 0.57
Mom's English Muffin Bread UK English 0.57
Chocolate Cranberry Gift Cookies UK English 0.57
Betty's of York Tea Room Fat Rascals - Fruit Buns-Scones UK Scottish 0.57
Gingerbread Men UK English 0.57
Old English Posh Picnic Raised Chicken and Ham Pie UK Scottish 0.56
Yorkshire Pudding II UK English 0.56
Favorite Old Fashioned Gingerbread UK UK 0.56
Nutty As a Fruitcake (Healthy Version) UK English 0.56
All-In-One Sponge Cake UK English 0.56
Ratafia Biscuits UK Scottish 0.56
Fat Free Bread Machine English Muffin Bread UK English 0.56
Potato Skins and Dip UK Scottish 0.56
Old-Fashioned Shortbread (4 Ingredients) UK Scottish 0.56
Cheesecake UK English 0.55
Apple and Raspberry Cake UK English 0.55
Melton Mowbray Pork Pie UK English 0.55
Dieter's Dream Creme Brulee UK English 0.55
Auberge Cheddar Cheese and Ham Breakfast Buns - Muffins UK English 0.54
Chocolate Chip Oaties (Cookies) UK English 0.54