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Louise Read's Coffee-Crunch Cake

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Apple & Olive Oil Cake With Maple Cream Cheese Icing UK English 0.72
Scottish Honey and Whiskey Cake With Butter Icing UK Scottish 0.71
Traditional Bakewell Tart UK UK 0.67
Tiessennau Mel (honey Cakes) Welsh UK Welsh 0.66
English Tea Muffins UK English 0.65
Chocolate and Orange Cake UK English 0.64
The Best Easter Chocolate Brownies Ever! UK English 0.63
Quick and Simple Fairy Cakes UK UK 0.63
Hannah Obee's Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake UK English 0.63
Mars™ Bar Cake UK UK 0.62
Courage Pie UK English 0.62
Keith's Cranachan UK Scottish 0.61
Peach Coffee Cake UK English 0.61
Nutty Cherry Meringue Cake UK English 0.60
Scottish Whisky Dundee Cake UK Scottish 0.60
Drambuie Ice Cream UK Scottish 0.60
Devonshire Clotted Cream Substitute UK English 0.60
Stamped Shortbread Cookies UK Scottish 0.59
Mrs Beeton's Victorian Seed Cake - a Very Good Seed Cake UK Scottish 0.59
Warm Dark Chocolate Torte (a dessert to die for!) UK Scottish 0.59
Apple Amber UK English 0.59
Cranberry and Almond Bakewell Tart: English Classic With a Twist UK Scottish 0.59
Vegetarian Savory Pumpkin Pasties UK English 0.59
Double Glazed Hot Cross Buns UK English 0.59
Infallible Hollandaise UK English 0.58
Syrup Sponge Pudding UK English 0.58
Chocolate Cake UK English 0.58
Hot Cross Buns - Updated Version UK English 0.58
Honey and Whisky Cake UK Scottish 0.58
The Classic 1953 Coronation Chicken Salad Recipe UK English 0.58
Trifle With Fresh Raspberries, Blueberries and Strawberries UK English 0.58
Banana Lime Cake UK English 0.58
Raspberry or Red Current Sorbet UK English 0.58
Spicy Tea Bread UK English 0.58
Classic Victoria Sponge Cake UK English 0.57
Cranachan With Raspberries UK Scottish 0.57
Welsh Caraway Seed Cake UK Welsh 0.57
Magical Christmas Fairy Cakes - Christmas Fairy Cupcakes UK Scottish 0.57
Raspberry, White Chocolate and Almond Trifle UK English 0.57
British Christmas Cake UK English 0.57
Scottish Kipper Pate UK Scottish 0.57
Chocolate Chip Oaties (Cookies) UK English 0.57
Chocolate Chip Scones UK Scottish 0.57
Triple-Shot Eggnog UK English 0.56
Raspberry & Lemon Spring - Easter Cake UK English 0.56
Strawberry Pudding UK English 0.56
London's Borough Market Chocolate Brownies UK English 0.56
Quick Shortbread UK Scottish 0.56
Teisen Sinamon (Welsh Cinnamon Cake) UK Welsh 0.56
English Bittersweet Lemon Puddings UK English 0.56