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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Mexican Party Wings

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
The Nest Best Thing Canadian Canadian 1.00
Marinated Tofu, Tatsuta Style Japanese Japanese 0.95
Poori Indian Subcontinent Pakistani 0.87
Fritto Misto Italian Italian 0.87
Pesto Meatballs With Fettuccine - A Italian Italian 0.83
Tarallini Con I Finocchietti (Little Fennel Rings) Italian Italian 0.82
Neer Dosa Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.82
Yummy Chocolate Cake Pie Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.82
Laziest Onigiri Rice Ball Japanese Japanese 0.82
Yummy Chocolate Spiders Australian Australian 0.82
Pesto Rice Italian Italian 0.82
Mom's French Fried Onion Rings (With Freezing Directions) French French 0.82
Eggless Semolina Pasta Dough (From Bob's Red Mill) Italian Italian 0.82
Garlic Herb Chicken with Fettuccine Italian Italian 0.82
Parmesan Pita Chips Italian Italian 0.82
Instant Pasta E Fagiolli Italian Italian 0.82
Home Made Noodles Italian Italian 0.82
Whole Grain Blueberry Muffins Canadian Canadian 0.82
Noble House Drums of Heaven Japanese Japanese 0.80
Speedy Soy Spinach Japanese Japanese 0.80
Salad of Cold Leafy Greens With Sesame Oil and Soy Sauce Japanese Japanese 0.80
Cauliflower Tempura Japanese Japanese 0.80
Aussie Tvp Burgers Australian Australian 0.80
Easy Belgian Waffles Belgian Belgian 0.80
Honey Seed Fritters Greek Greek 0.80
Ancient Honey and Sesame Fritters - (Arxaies Tiganites Me Meli K Greek Greek 0.80
Pasta from Scratch Italian Italian 0.80
Gluten-Free Pizza Italian Italian 0.80
Pasta N' Beans Italian Italian 0.80
Banana Pancakes Canadian Canadian 0.80
Supreme Oven Rice Canadian Canadian 0.75
Summer Fresh Sesame Broccoli from Martha Stewart Canadian Canadian 0.75
Spaghetti in Red Sauce with Mixed Olives Italian Italian 0.75
Orange Sesame Rice Canadian Canadian 0.75
Wild Rice Skillet Fritters Canadian Canadian 0.73
Spanish Rice Using Tomato Sauce Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.72
Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Italian Italian 0.71
Kielbasa Chow Mein Eastern European Polish 0.71
All Canadian Chicken Bites Canadian Canadian 0.71
Ropa Vieja Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.71
Gluten Free Superfood Pancakes Canadian Canadian 0.71
Sweet Potato Apple Toss Canadian Canadian 0.71
Chewy Granola Canadian Canadian 0.71
Quick Butcher Museli Australian Australian 0.71
Peigi's Potato Bread Australian Australian 0.71
Sausage Casserole Australian Australian 0.71
Peach and Hazelnut Crumbles Australian Australian 0.71
Steamed Spinach and Pickled Ginger Salad Japanese Japanese 0.71
Too Easy Chicken & Rice (Arroz Con Pollo) Mexican Mexican 0.71
Sushi Rice Japanese Japanese 0.71