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Russian Black Bread (Rolls or Loaves)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Chuuka Manjuu - Japanese-Style Chinese Steamed Buns Japanese Japanese 0.95
Fougasse (French Breadsticks) French French 0.95
Dad's Pizza Dough Italian Italian 0.95
Kim's Focaccia Italian Italian 0.94
Gluten Free English Muffins UK English 0.93
Berches (Pain Au Pavot) Deutschland German 0.93
Pork Adobo II Mexican Mexican 0.93
American Kitchen Classic Western Carolina Style Pulled Pork BBQ Central American Honduran 0.93
French Onion Bread French French 0.93
Russian Coffee Cake Eastern European Russian 0.93
Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette French French 0.93
White Overnight Buns Canadian Canadian 0.93
Olive Bread for the Bread Machine Canadian Canadian 0.93
Focaccia (Using Bread Machine for the Dough) Italian Italian 0.92
Montreal Bagels Canadian Canadian 0.92
German Dark Rye Bread Deutschland German 0.92
Ubc Cinnamon Buns Canadian Canadian 0.92
Chuck Hughes' No Knead Bread Canadian Canadian 0.92
Steam Buns Deutschland German 0.92
Never Fail Pie Crust Canadian Canadian 0.92
Freezer Breadsticks Canadian Canadian 0.92
Snickerdoodles Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.92
Tofu Pierogies - Vegan Eastern European Polish 0.92
Swedish Pound Cake Scandinavian Swedish 0.92
French Baguettes French French 0.92
Basic Swiss Roll ( 2 Versions for Savoury or Sweet) Deutschland Swiss 0.92
Pretzels Deutschland Swiss 0.92
Ciambellone - Breakfast waterbased cake Italian Italian 0.92
John's Italian Bread Machine Loaf Italian Italian 0.92
Simple Balsamic Vinaigrette Italian Italian 0.92
Classic Cinnamon Buns Canadian Canadian 0.92
German Pretzels Deutschland German 0.92
Super Simple Focaccia Italian Italian 0.92
Mom's 100% Whole Wheat Air Loaf in Abm Canadian Canadian 0.92
Mom's 100% Whole Wheat Air Buns (Rolls) for Abm Canadian Canadian 0.92
Brotchen (German Rolls) Deutschland German 0.92
Garlicy Pizza Dough Italian Italian 0.92
Veal and Green Bean Stew Deutschland German 0.92
Mini Maple Syrup Pancake Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.92
German Potato Salad - the Real Deal Deutschland German 0.91
Italian Viscots Italian Italian 0.91
Italian Peasant Bread for Bread Machine Italian Italian 0.91
St. Joseph's Day Bread Eastern European Polish 0.91
Pumpkin Pie Bread Canadian Canadian 0.91
French Bread Rolls to Die For French French 0.91
Lamb Chops With Balsamic-Herb Glaze French French 0.90
Easy Italian Bread Italian Italian 0.90
Grilled Dijon Chicken French French 0.90
Stromboli and Pizza Dough Italian Italian 0.90
New Orleans French Bread French French 0.90