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Brown Bread

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Scottish Dumpling Cake UK Scottish 0.65
Traditional Cottage Loaf - Old Fashioned Rustic English Bread UK Scottish 0.64
Best Roast Potatoes Ever UK English 0.64
Homemade Lavender Honey from South West France UK Scottish 0.62
Christmas Puddings UK English 0.62
Lean Shepherd's Pie UK English 0.62
Cornish Pasty UK English 0.61
Potato, Apple, and Celery Salad UK English 0.60
Fabulous English Muffins UK English 0.59
British Toad in the Hole (Sausages in Batter) With Sherry Onion UK UK 0.59
Macaroon Bars (Lees Version) UK Scottish 0.58
Wallace and Gromit Cheese Scones for Serious Cheese Lovers! UK Scottish 0.58
Cornish Hens With Cornbread Stuffing UK English 0.58
British Currant Scones, ATK UK UK 0.56
English Pizza UK English 0.56
Vanilla or Herb Sugar UK English 0.56
Chicken Roulade With Spinach Feta Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper. UK English 0.56
Slow Cooker Potato-Leek Soup UK Welsh 0.55
Beautiful Seeded Buttermilk Bread. UK English 0.55
Mixed Herb Salad With Borage : La Salade De Plusieurs Herbes UK English 0.55
Bath Buns UK English 0.55
English Christmas Pudding II UK English 0.55
Somerset Apple Pudding Cake UK English 0.55
Whole Wheat English Muffins UK English 0.55
Festive English Trifle UK English 0.55
Blueberry Cream Cheese Bread Pudding UK English 0.55
Very Tasty Cheesy Cheddar and Oat Scones UK Scottish 0.54
Hot Cross Buns I UK UK 0.54
Blueberry Muffins à La Alton Brown (Good Eats on Food Net UK English 0.54
Prelude to Summer - Old Fashioned English Elderflower Cordial UK Scottish 0.54
Felix's Simple White Bread UK English 0.54
Scottish Soda Bread UK Scottish 0.54
Orange Buns UK English 0.54
Victorian Milk Bread UK English 0.54
The Best Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies UK English 0.54
English Cream Scones UK English 0.53
Chocolate Dipped Shortbread UK Scottish 0.53
English Muffins #2 UK English 0.53
Brown Butter Gingersnaps UK English 0.53
Scottish Fruit-Filled Scones UK Scottish 0.53
English Muffin Casserole Bread UK English 0.53
Scottish Kipper Pate UK Scottish 0.53
Cheese Board Corn Cherry Scones UK English 0.53
Pink Peppercorn Mustard UK English 0.53
Jugged Steak UK Scottish 0.53
Green Tomato Chutney - Traditional English Recipe UK English 0.53
Cream Scones UK English 0.53
Cheddar English Muffins UK English 0.53
Christmas Cherry Cake UK English 0.53
Holiday Bourbon Fruitcake UK UK 0.53