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Sussex Style Steak With Mushrooms for the Crock Pot!

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Mustardy Pheasant Breasts UK Scottish 0.72
Cock-A-Leekie UK Scottish 0.69
Steamed Oatmeal Date Pudding UK English 0.68
Rosemary and Lamb Crispy Roast Potatoes UK UK 0.67
Eggnog Coffee (Non-Alcoholic) UK English 0.64
Harry Potter's Dragon Snot UK English 0.64
Green Beer UK UK 0.64
Anchoiade - Anchovy Tepanade UK English 0.64
Souffle - Grandma's Cheese Pudding UK English 0.62
Jamie Oliver's Yorkshire Puddings UK English 0.61
Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce UK UK 0.61
Chicken Curry UK English 0.60
Garlic and Thyme Glazed Carrots UK English 0.59
Hot and Fiery Chicken UK English 0.59
Somerset Pork With Apples Recipe UK English 0.59
Chicken in the Heather UK Scottish 0.59
Aftershock UK Scottish 0.59
Chocolate Bailey Martini by Bistro Bond Babes UK English 0.59
Cauliflower Cheese Lasagna UK English 0.59
Suitor UK Scottish 0.59
Victorian Farmhouse Iced Tea UK English 0.59
Apple Betty with Almond Crisp UK English 0.58
Sausage Lancashire Hotpot UK English 0.58
Stone Cream UK English 0.57
English Pancake Batter UK English 0.57
Ffagodau UK Welsh 0.57
Two Cheese Cauliflower UK English 0.57
Foolproof Slow Roast Chicken UK English 0.57
Hot Sweet & Sour Strawberries UK English 0.57
My Mother's Rice Pudding UK Welsh 0.57
Pimm's Common Cup UK English 0.57
Toad in the Hole (Sausages Baked in Batter) UK English 0.57
Big M's Whisky Soaked Beef Rib Steaks UK UK 0.56
Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding UK English 0.56
Asparagus Mamooshka UK English 0.56
Wicklewoodwench’s Really Rich Rice Pudding UK English 0.56
Toad in the Hole UK English 0.55
Grog UK English 0.55
Curried Apple and Leek Soup UK Welsh 0.55
Yorkshire Puddings UK English 0.55
Hot Chocolate Puddings UK English 0.55
English Toffee Freeze UK English 0.55
Asparagus Cashew Rice Pilaf UK UK 0.55
Chef John's Chicken Tikka Masala UK English 0.55
Fish and Chips UK English 0.54
Stilton Bread Pudding UK English 0.54
Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Pudding With Apples (W- Vegan Options) UK English 0.54
Lemon Posset UK English 0.54
The Best Yorkshire Puddings UK English 0.54
Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks in Red Wine UK English 0.54