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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Portuguese Bread Pudding With Rum and Salted Caramel Sauce

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Xochipilli's Pastel De Tres Leches Mexicano (Three Milk Cake) Mexican Mexican 0.97
Tiramisu Cheesecake Italian Italian 0.97
Mexican Coffee Flavored Custard Mexican Mexican 0.97
Quick Raspberry Danish Scandinavian Danish 0.97
Grandma B's French Toast Casserole French French 0.97
Oreo Bread Pudding UK English 0.97
Bavarian Cream Scandinavian Swedish 0.97
Creme de Menthe Cheesecake Irish Irish 0.97
Irish Ice Cream Irish Irish 0.94
Date Bread and Butter Pudding With Easy Boozy Toffee Sauce Irish Irish 0.94
Bailey's Irish Cream Irish Irish 0.94
Homemade Irish Cream Irish Irish 0.94
Buttermilk French Toast With Homemade Cinnamon - Raisin Bread French French 0.94
Risso Condo Italian Italian 0.93
Pecan Tassies Canadian Canadian 0.93
Spanish Flan Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Grand Marnier Custard Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.93
Old Time Cheddar Biscuits Canadian Canadian 0.93
Apple, Amaretto, Cream Cheese Omelet for Two Canadian Canadian 0.93
Frozen Mocha Cheesecake Canadian Canadian 0.93
Baked 3 Cheese Fettuccine Italian Italian 0.92
Ham and Cheese Savory Dutch Baby Belgian Dutch 0.92
Light Potted Cheese Canadian Canadian 0.92
Bambini, Italian Appetizers Italian Italian 0.92
Butter Beer Irish Irish 0.92
Provel Cheese (St. Louis) Pasta, Pizza, Lasagna, Yum Italian Italian 0.92
German Sweet Chocolate Cream Pie Deutschland German 0.92
Lolly's French Toast Casserole French French 0.92
Popovers With Gruyere UK English 0.92
A New Yorker's Real Italian Cheesecake Italian Italian 0.91
Perfect Easy Crepes French French 0.91
Blind Russian Eastern European Russian 0.91
Crepes Suzette French French 0.91
Delicious Swiss Cheese and Chicken Casserole. Very Easy and Perf Deutschland Swiss 0.91
Delicious Tastee Yorkshire Pudding by Tubbortons UK English 0.91
Sherried Ham in Cream Scandinavian Swedish 0.91
Popovers UK English 0.91
Gruyere Popovers UK English 0.91
Easy Yorkshire Puddings UK English 0.91
Vanilla Fudge UK English 0.91
Gelato di Ricotta Italian Italian 0.91
French Toast With Creamy Maple Syrup French French 0.91
Almond Cream Cheese Glaze Italian Italian 0.91
Scones UK English 0.91
Gran Couva Crémeux Scandinavian Swedish 0.91
Norwegian Krumkake Scandinavian Swedish 0.91
Easy Italian Popcorn Italian Italian 0.91
Cream Cheese Frosting Canadian Canadian 0.91
Sour Cream Frosting Canadian Canadian 0.91
Cheesy Parmesan Crackers (so easy!) Italian Italian 0.91