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Ricotta Pancakes With Banana-pecan Syrup

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Homemade Feta Cheese Greek Greek 1.00
Japanese Crispy Cream Puff Shells (Shu Cream) Japanese Japanese 0.99
Dulce De Leche Ice Cream Mexican Mexican 0.99
Emeril's Green Tea Ice Cream Japanese Japanese 0.99
Matcha Ice Cream- With or Without an Ice Cream Maker Japanese Japanese 0.99
Awesome English Tea Scones UK English 0.99
Swedish Pancakes (Plättar) Scandinavian Swedish 0.99
Ricotta Balls (Italian Doughnuts) Italian Italian 0.99
The Easy, No Waiting, Delicious Crepe Recipe! French French 0.99
Pancakes Canadian Canadian 0.99
Mr. Brown's Italian Meringue Buttercream Italian Italian 0.99
Baileys Irish Cream Dip Irish Irish 0.99
Lapsha - Homemade Russian Noodles Eastern European Russian 0.99
Pierogi Eastern European Russian 0.99
Easy Creme Brulee French French 0.99
Portuguese Dry Rings (Rosquilbas Secas) Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.99
Avô's Biscoitos (Portuguese Biscotti-Cookies) Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.99
Caramel Custard (Pudim Flan) Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.98
Portuguese Flan Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.98
Swedish Rosettes Scandinavian Swedish 0.98
Swedish Baked Pancake Scandinavian Swedish 0.98
Lavender-Honey Ice Cream French French 0.98
Lavender Creme Brulee French French 0.98
English Yorkshire Pudding UK English 0.98
No blow torch-Creme Brulee French French 0.98
Yorkshire Pudding II UK English 0.98
Orange Sunshine Cake UK English 0.98
Tagliolini with Butter and White Truffles Italian Italian 0.98
Italian Buttercream Italian Italian 0.98
Maple Caramel Flan Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.98
Spanish Galician Almond Torte (Torta De Almendras Santiago) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.98
Finnish Cookies - Danish Finsk Broed Scandinavian Finnish 0.98
St Patrick's Day Parfait Irish Irish 0.98
Pannukakku Scandinavian Swedish 0.98
Aebleskiver (Abelskiver) Scandinavian Swedish 0.98
Aebleskiver Scandinavian Swedish 0.98
Kevin Weeks' Guinness Cake Irish Irish 0.98
The Best (No Kidding) Buttermilk Pancakes Canadian Canadian 0.98
Lemon Waffles Canadian Canadian 0.98
Butterhorns Canadian Canadian 0.98
Yummy Chocolate Crumb Cake Canadian Canadian 0.98
Butter Beer (Alcoholic) Irish Irish 0.98
Sucre La Creme Canadian Canadian 0.98
Orange Sherbet Canadian Canadian 0.98
Basic Food Processor Pie Crust Canadian Canadian 0.98
Creamy Italian Dressing Italian Italian 0.98
Skor Bars Canadian Canadian 0.98
Festive Rainbow Star Mould Canadian Canadian 0.98
My Best Buttermilk Biscuits Canadian Canadian 0.98
Pastry With No Trans Fat Canadian Canadian 0.98