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Apple-Walnut Bars

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Nut and Fruit Filling and Frosting US US 0.99
Date-Nut Kisses Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 0.98
Olive Oil Muffins Italian Italian 0.98
Date Bars Canadian Canadian 0.97
Macaroon Madness Bars Canadian Canadian 0.97
Swedish Almond Macaroons Scandinavian Swedish 0.96
Cranberry-Hazelnut Biscotti Italian Italian 0.96
Date Walnut Loaf Canadian Canadian 0.96
Canned Cranberry Chocolate Orange Cakes (for gifts) Canadian Canadian 0.96
McCanns Irish Oatmeal Cookies Irish Irish 0.96
Coconut Cloud Cake With Angel Feather Icing Canadian Canadian 0.95
Finnish Tiikerikkakku, Tiger Cake Scandinavian Finnish 0.95
Banana Coconut Loaf Canadian Canadian 0.95
Baci Di Dama (Almond Cookies) Italian Italian 0.95
Dutch Amandelspijs (Sort of Marcipan) Belgian Dutch 0.95
Healthful Date Bread Canadian Canadian 0.95
Pineapple Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.95
World's Best Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.95
Berry, Almond, & Orange Scones Canadian Canadian 0.95
Cranberry Lemon Bread Canadian Canadian 0.94
Orange Nut Bread Canadian Canadian 0.94
Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding Canadian Canadian 0.94
Filled Cookies Deutschland German 0.94
Tangerine-Scented Almond Cookies (Amygdalota Me Mandarini) Greek Greek 0.94
Apple Spoon Sweet from Pelion Greek Greek 0.94
Congolais French French 0.94
To Preserve Goose Lard: German Ganseschmalz Deutschland German 0.94
Banana Nut Bread for the Bread Machine Canadian Canadian 0.94
Glazed Corned Beef (Silver Palate) Irish Irish 0.94
Carrot Pineapple Muffins Canadian Canadian 0.94
Barbecued Chestnuts in Bacon Canadian Canadian 0.94
Mandelbrot Deutschland German 0.94
Crema Di Limoncello Italian Italian 0.94
Dad's Banana Bread Canadian Canadian 0.94
German Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake Deutschland German 0.94
Quark-Keilchen (German Fried Cheese Cakes) Deutschland German 0.94
Napoleon Creams Canadian Canadian 0.94
Original Sandy Margarita Mexican Mexican 0.94
Calamondin Marmalade Australian Australian 0.93
Mexican Tamarind Cooler (Agua de Tamarindo) Mexican Mexican 0.93
Passionfruit Cordial Australian Australian 0.93
Mexican Pumpkin in Brown Sugar Mexican Mexican 0.93
Tostones (pronounced Toes-tone-es) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.93
Red Wine Granita With Seasonal Fruits Australian Australian 0.93
Carambola juice Australian Australian 0.93
Mango Popsicles- Durofrios De Mango Caribbean Cuban 0.93
Balsamic Strawberries (Not Heated) Australian Australian 0.93
Toffee Strawberries Australian New Zealander 0.93
Raspberry Coulis Australian Australian 0.93
Cocada (Coconut Candy) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.93