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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Too Easy Vegetable Beef Hot Dish

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Fast and Easy Israeli Tahini Cookies Middle Eastern Israeli 1.00
Simple Rice Pudding Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 0.94
Yoyos Australian New Zealander 0.90
Edmonds Yoyos Australian New Zealander 0.90
The Old Farmhouse Bakery Hollygog Pudding - Golden Syrup Pudding UK Scottish 0.90
Cheddar Meatball Spaghetti Italian Italian 0.90
Seeded Sourdough Soda Bread from KAF Irish Irish 0.90
Grandma's No-Roll-Crust Chocolate Pie Deutschland German 0.90
Sex-in-a-pan Canadian Canadian 0.89
Mickey's Okinawa Taco Rice and Cheese TRC Japanese Japanese 0.88
One-Pan Pasta and Meatballs Italian Italian 0.88
Strawberry Squares Canadian Canadian 0.88
Rotini Pasta with Beef and Tomatoes South American Argentine 0.88
1-2-3 Rice and Chili Burritos Mexican Mexican 0.87
Sussex Pond Pudding - Old Fashioned Steamed Lemon Pudding UK Scottish 0.87
Easiest Ever Slow Cooker - Crockpot Lasagna Italian Italian 0.87
Dumplings for Soup Deutschland German 0.87
Refrigerator Pistachio Dessert Irish Irish 0.87
Indian Flat Bread - Chapati Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.87
Takakau (Maori Bread) Australian New Zealander 0.87
Damper (Aussie Campfire Bread) Australian Australian 0.87
Wicked Mars Bar Filled Crepes Australian Australian 0.87
Ice Cream Muffins Australian New Zealander 0.87
Shortbread Australian New Zealander 0.87
Rustic Country Loaf Australian Australian 0.87
Perfect Brazilian Buttery Rice South American Brazilian 0.87
Easier Than Easy - French Onion Soup French French 0.87
Cyndy's Scottish Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Real English Shortbread or 123 Shortbread UK English 0.87
Farofa(Toasted Manioc Meal) South American Brazilian 0.87
Simple Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
English Lemon Biscuits-Cookies UK English 0.87
Brown Sugar Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Martie's Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Buggy's Shortbread II UK Scottish 0.87
Simple Scotch Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Nana's Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Traditional Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Whipped Shortbread Cookies UK Scottish 0.87
Cookie Stamp Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Crowdie-Mowdie -- a Steamed Pudding (Scotland) UK Scottish 0.87
Super-Easy Shortbread (3 Ingredients) UK Scottish 0.87
Butterscotch Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Simple Shortbread Cookies UK Scottish 0.87
Scottish Fern Cookies UK Scottish 0.87
Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Marli's Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Scottish Jesse’s Dundee Shortbread UK Scottish 0.87
Soup With Semolina Greek Greek 0.87