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Fried Fish

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Our Sesame Chicken Sauce (Chinese) Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 0.90
Carrot-Tofu Dish Japanese Japanese 0.90
Fish N Chips UK English 0.89
Japanese Eggplant (Aubergine) With Tofu Japanese Japanese 0.89
Crispy Fish and Chips UK English 0.87
Japanese Glazed Eggplant (Aubergine) Japanese Japanese 0.87
Tomato Beef Chow Mein South American Argentine 0.86
Vegetarian Niku Jaga With Konjac Japanese Japanese 0.86
Hungarian Short Ribs Eastern European Hungarian 0.86
Tofu Dango Japanese Japanese 0.85
Mitarashi Dango (Japanese Dumplings) Japanese Japanese 0.85
Kushi-dango (skewered Sweet Dumplings) Japanese Japanese 0.85
Beef Broccoli Stir Fry South American Argentine 0.85
Zucchini With Sesame-Miso Sauce (Zukini No Goma Ankake) Japanese Japanese 0.85
Miso Eggplant Japanese Japanese 0.85
Tortoiseshell Tofu Japanese Japanese 0.85
Chocolate Biscotti - Gluten Free Australian Australian 0.85
Beef Lo Mein Ww South American Argentine 0.85
Eliopsomakia - Olive Muffins Greek Greek 0.85
Kielbasa In Beer Sauce Eastern European Polish 0.84
Quick & Tasty Pizza Dough Italian Italian 0.84
Italian Vegetable Soup With White Beans Italian Italian 0.84
Super Crispy Onion Rings Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.84
Quick and Tasty Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.83
Carob Snacking Cake Canadian Canadian 0.82
Rosemary and Onion Confiturra Italian Italian 0.82
Wheat Pita Bread (Pockets) Greek Greek 0.82
Beef and Ale Casserole With Horseradish and Thyme Sauce UK English 0.82
Easy Greek Spaghetti Greek Greek 0.82
Sweet Potato Scones South American Brazilian 0.82
Lentil Pilaf Greek Greek 0.82
Guinness Glaze Irish Irish 0.82
Out of this WORLD all purpose sauce !!!! Canadian Canadian 0.82
Pork and Kraut Deutschland German 0.82
Gluten Free Dutch Sugar Cookies Belgian Dutch 0.82
Pizza Crust (Gluten Free) Italian Italian 0.82
Kielbasa Chow Mein Eastern European Polish 0.81
Red Onion Vinaigrette Canadian Canadian 0.81
Trudy's Fish Cakes (Fish and Chips) Canadian Canadian 0.80
Orange Sesame Vinaigrette Canadian Canadian 0.80
Oriental Chicken Wings Canadian Canadian 0.80
Mom's Best Ever Pineapple -Pork Chops Canadian Canadian 0.80
Spanish Black Beans Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.80
Super Vegan Beer Bread Canadian Canadian 0.79
Spanish Mackerel in Japanese Sesame Sauce Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.79
Cold Sesame Noodle Salad Japanese Japanese 0.79
Chikuzen Ni (Chicken and Root Vegetables) Japanese Japanese 0.79
Soba Noodle Salad With Peanut Sauce Japanese Japanese 0.79
Gluten Free Danish Scandinavian Danish 0.79
Monica's Beef Teriyaki South American Argentine 0.79