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Chocolate Mint Brownies

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Creme De Menthe Brownies!! Canadian Canadian 0.98
Chocolate Orange Liqueur Souffle With Chocolate Sauce French French 0.96
Old World Guinness Cake Irish Irish 0.96
Monster Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.96
Tiramisu Cake Italian Italian 0.96
Chocolate Cake UK English 0.95
Tiramisu Cupcakes (Uses Cake Mix) Italian Italian 0.94
Mars Bar Muffins UK English 0.94
Le Francais Gâteau Au Chocolat French French 0.94
Sicilian Cheese-Filled Pastries Italian Italian 0.93
Apricot and Cheese Danish Muffins Scandinavian Danish 0.93
Sicilian Cheesecake Italian Italian 0.93
Apple Skillet Cake French French 0.93
Uncle Bill's Best Buckwheat Pancakes Eastern European Russian 0.93
Maple Butter Cream Crepes Canadian Canadian 0.93
Mini Grasshopper Cheesecakes Irish Irish 0.92
Irish Mist Cream Irish Irish 0.92
German Chocolate Sponge Cake: Schokolade Biskuittorte Deutschland German 0.92
Cream Cheese Breakfast Buns Deutschland German 0.92
Chocolate Guinness Cake Irish Irish 0.92
Irish Coffee Cheesecake Irish Irish 0.92
Filhos (Portuguese Donuts) Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.92
French Chocolate Souffle French French 0.92
Rich Praline Cream Cheese Bars UK English 0.92
Sour Cream Brownies Canadian Canadian 0.92
Cream Puffs Canadian Canadian 0.92
Irish Cream Cheesecake Ultimate Irish Irish 0.92
Stout Cupcakes With Irish Cream Frosting Irish Irish 0.92
Caramel Sponge Kisses Australian Australian 0.92
Fluffy Pikelets - Australia Australian Australian 0.92
Vanilla Cake South American Brazilian 0.92
Puffdaloons UK Welsh 0.92
Coffee Dessert Risotto Italian Italian 0.92
Biscotti Alla Malena-Mash Italian Italian 0.92
Ricotta and Chocolate Cake Italian Italian 0.92
Norwegian Krumkake With Whipped Cream and Cloudberries Scandinavian Norwegian 0.92
Pikelets UK English 0.92
French Cheesecake French French 0.92
Carnival Doughnuts - Faschingskrapfen Deutschland Austrian 0.92
Miss Fanny R. Gregory's Charlotte Russe Eastern European Russian 0.92
French Chocolate Mousse French French 0.92
Traditional Eggnog Sauce UK English 0.92
Dad's Special Recipe (Finnish Style Pancakes) Scandinavian Swedish 0.90
Chocolate Waffles Canadian Canadian 0.90
Budweiser Pancakes Deutschland German 0.90
Maple Muffins Canadian Canadian 0.90
New Brunswick Chocolate Chip Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.90
Sernik Polish Cheesecake Eastern European Polish 0.90
Vanilla-Cashew Bars Canadian Canadian 0.90
Irish Whiskey Brownies With Sticky Toffee & Thick Cream Irish Irish 0.90