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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Sour Beef Steak

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
American Kitchen Classic Western Carolina Style Pulled Pork BBQ Central American Honduran 0.99
Old Va. Country Style Ribs Australian Australian 0.96
Greek Yogurt Banana Pancakes Greek Greek 0.96
Loukomades (Greek Donuts With Honey & Cinnamon) Greek Greek 0.96
Grilled Dijon Chicken French French 0.96
French Spice Cake French French 0.95
"Spanish" Pork Chops Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.94
Vinaigrette Aux Oeufs Durs (Hard-Boiled Egg Dressing) French French 0.94
French Dressing French French 0.94
Homemade Pasta (From Better Homes and Gardens) Italian Italian 0.94
Grilled Pork Tenderloin Deutschland German 0.94
Dutch Meatloaf Belgian Dutch 0.94
Swiss "french" Salad Dressing Deutschland Swiss 0.93
Italian Baby Onions Italian Italian 0.93
House Antipasto Salad Italian Italian 0.93
Candied Chicken Wings Canadian Canadian 0.93
Mustard Chive Vinaigrette Canadian Canadian 0.93
Pumpkin Pie Bread Canadian Canadian 0.93
Peanut Butter Cookie Spread Canadian Canadian 0.93
Bavarian Style Cube Steak Deutschland German 0.93
Balsamic-Glazed Pork Tenderloin Canadian Canadian 0.92
Pickled Eggs Canadian Canadian 0.92
Hot Mustard Canadian Canadian 0.92
Pickling Corned Beef Irish Irish 0.92
Green Jasmine and Rose Tea, Iced Canadian Canadian 0.92
Adams Snickerdoodles 2004 (Canadian) Canadian Canadian 0.92
Veal and Green Bean Stew Deutschland German 0.91
Mini Maple Syrup Pancake Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.91
Easy German Lebkuchen Deutschland German 0.91
Portuguese Orange Torte Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.91
Scalidi Cookies Italian Italian 0.91
Honey Spice Loaf French French 0.91
Provencal Olive and Tomato Tart Deutschland Swiss 0.91
Sweet Italian Dressing Italian Italian 0.91
Pizzelles Italian Italian 0.91
Hot Sweet Mustard Deutschland German 0.91
Cappuccino Angel Food Cake - Homemade Italian Italian 0.91
Brad's Pumpkin Bread Irish Irish 0.91
Star-pressed Italian Pizzelle Italian Italian 0.91
Bergie's Crock Pot Pheasant Canadian Canadian 0.91
Sweet and Sour Spareribs Canadian Canadian 0.91
Canadian Bacon With Maple Glaze (Basic Recipe) Canadian Canadian 0.91
Easy Crock Pot Wingers Canadian Canadian 0.91
Perfect Corned Beef from the Microwave Irish Irish 0.91
Criadillas - Bull Fries Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
German Chocolate Pound Cake Surprise Deutschland German 0.91
Slow Cooker Baked Beans Canadian Canadian 0.91
Chocolate Cracked Top Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.91
Oopsy Daisy! German Chocolate Bundt Cake Deutschland German 0.91
German Nougatstangerl Cookies Deutschland German 0.91