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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

French Baguettes

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Party & Holiday Rolls Australian Australian 1.00
Empanada Dough Mexican Mexican 1.00
Abby's French Bread Braids French French 1.00
Freezer Breadsticks Canadian Canadian 1.00
New Orleans French Bread French French 1.00
German Scones (deep fried) Deutschland German 1.00
Zeppole Italian Italian 0.99
Jam Filled Iced Rolls-Danish's Scandinavian Swedish 0.99
Easiest and Best French Bread French French 0.98
Blenna (Raised German Pancakes) Deutschland German 0.98
Spanish Peasant Bread Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.97
White Overnight Buns Canadian Canadian 0.97
Lana's Rolls Canadian Canadian 0.97
Semmel Rolls- (Bavarian Bread Rolls) Deutschland German 0.97
Cuban Bread Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.97
Almost-French French Bread French French 0.97
Easy French French French 0.97
Best Ever French Bread French French 0.97
Italian Bread French French 0.97
Scottish Oatcakes UK Scottish 0.97
Crusty French Bread French French 0.97
Unknownchef86's French Countryside Bread (Abm) French French 0.97
French Baguette (Food Processor) French French 0.97
Hands off French Bread French French 0.97
Gourmet French Bread Style Hamburger and Hotdog Buns (Bread Mach French French 0.97
Easy French or Italian Bread Italian Italian 0.97
French Bread (Bread Machine) French French 0.97
French Bread French French 0.97
Diet Crepe French French 0.97
Crusty Country Style French Bread French French 0.97
Harry's Italian Style Pizza Base (Dough) Italian Italian 0.97
Italian Bread Dough Italian Italian 0.97
Irish Brown Bread Irish Irish 0.97
The easiest (non-machine) white bread in the world Irish Irish 0.96
Super Awesome Pretzels Deutschland German 0.96
Ubc Cinnamon Buns Canadian Canadian 0.96
Steam Buns Deutschland German 0.96
St. Joseph's Day Bread Eastern European Polish 0.96
Favourite Oatmeal Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.96
Yummy Candy Monster Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.95
Brown Soda Bread Irish Irish 0.95
Berches (Pain Au Pavot) Deutschland German 0.95
Ciambellone - Breakfast waterbased cake Italian Italian 0.95
English Crumpets UK English 0.95
John's Italian Bread Machine Loaf Italian Italian 0.95
Wild Meat Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.95
Mauro's Italian Pizza Dough Italian Italian 0.95
Lemon Loaf Canadian Canadian 0.95
Aebleskevers Scandinavian Swedish 0.95
Pepperoni Batter Bread Italian Italian 0.95