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Apricot Wings

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Healthy French Toast Sweetie Scramble French French 0.98
Mongolian Lamb Marinade Chinese and Mongolian Mongolian 0.95
Low Calories Pumpkin Oat Meal Cookies Japanese Japanese 0.95
Sweet & Spicy Roasted Kabocha Squash Japanese Japanese 0.95
Chiles Toreados Mexican Mexican 0.94
Strawberry Vinaigrette Australian Australian 0.94
Get Your Mojo Goin' Sauce Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.94
Elderberry Wine Vinegar Marinade for Beef, Chicken, or Pork South American Argentine 0.94
Baccala Fritto " Fried Salt Cod" Italian Italian 0.94
Basic Balsamic Vinaigrette Canadian Canadian 0.94
Roasted Greek Style Chicken Greek Greek 0.94
Peachy Pork Chops French French 0.94
Glazed Pearls French French 0.94
Greek Salad Dressing in Seconds! Greek Greek 0.94
Bavarian Pot Roast Deutschland German 0.93
Quick N Easy Beet Salad Canadian Canadian 0.93
Asian Apple Pear Compote Canadian Canadian 0.93
Apple Chutney Canadian Canadian 0.93
Spiced Grapes Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.92
Apple Blossom Cake Irish Irish 0.91
Currant Catsup Canadian Canadian 0.91
Rice Pilaf With Cinnamon and Golden Raisins Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Cinnamon Pumpkin Oatmeal Squares (Low Fat) Canadian Canadian 0.91
German Pfeffernusse With Frosting (Pepper Nuts) Deutschland German 0.91
Poached Pear Delight Canadian Canadian 0.89
Apple-Apricot Sauce for Pork Canadian Canadian 0.89
Pork Chops With Pear Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.89
Hot Vodka with Honey (Krupnik) Eastern European Polish 0.89
Moroccan Blood Orange Sorbet Northern Africa Moroccan 0.89
Mojo Criollo Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.88
Bistecca All Fiorentina Australian Australian 0.88
Carne Asada (Gerardo's Baja Grill, California) Mexican Mexican 0.88
Montego Bay Chicken Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.88
Crock Pot Apricot Lamb Australian Australian 0.88
Mexican Hacienda Coffee Mexican Mexican 0.88
Cumin-Crusted Salmon With Guacamole Mexican Mexican 0.88
Butterflied, Barbecued Leg of Lamb Australian New Zealander 0.88
Lemon and Parsley Whole Baked Fish Australian Australian 0.88
Savory Mexican Beer Cocktail Mexican Mexican 0.88
Cafe Havana Corn Mojo Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.88
Sprout Beef Burger South American Argentine 0.88
Doce De Banana (Sweet Banana) South American Brazilian 0.88
Marinated Greek Lamb Chops Greek Greek 0.88
Drambuie Spiced Peaches UK Scottish 0.88
Lemon Chicken French French 0.88
Amazing Greek Style Chicken Thighs Greek Greek 0.88
Grilled Greek Lemon Oregano Chicken Wings Greek Greek 0.88
Pork Medallions With Chocolate-Orange Sauce French French 0.88
Eggplant Sauteed With Oil and Garlic French French 0.88
Revithosoupa (Greek Chick Pea Soup) Greek Greek 0.88