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Jeera Murg (Chicken with Cumin)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Just an Egg UK Scottish 0.74
Onion Cheese Omelet UK English 0.74
Ham and Pork Custard UK English 0.72
Beets, Leeks and Onions UK English 0.72
Dr. Johnson's Second Choice UK English 0.69
Sweet Gingered Winter Vegetables UK English 0.64
Typsy Laird - Scottish Drambuie Trifle for a Burns Night Supper UK Scottish 0.63
Wheat Germ Posset UK English 0.63
Dundee Marmalade Lamb Chops UK Scottish 0.63
Scottish (Or English) Rarebit UK Scottish 0.63
Deviled Mushrooms on Toasted Ciabatta UK English 0.63
Chicken, Thyme and Shallot Casserole UK English 0.62
Chicken, Tarragon and Potato Casserole UK English 0.61
Indian Restaurant Style Onion Bhajia - Deep Fried Onion Fritters UK English 0.61
Baked Corn Beef Hash UK UK 0.61
Shrimp in Whisky Cream UK Scottish 0.61
Cauliflower Cheese and Tomatoes UK English 0.61
Creamed Celery With Blue Cheese UK English 0.59
Val's Hungarian Jewish Chopped Liver UK UK 0.59
Fresh Figs With Stilton and Walnuts in a Honey Drizzle Dressing UK English 0.59
English Toffee Cake UK English 0.59
Beer-Battered Fish and Chips UK English 0.59
Spicy Apple Crumble UK English 0.59
Battered and Baked Sage Leaves UK English 0.59
Watercress Soup UK English 0.59
English -Style Bread Pudding UK English 0.59
Scottish "fried" Potatoes UK Scottish 0.59
Llanfairpwllgwyngyll Gogerychyrndrobwllllanty Siliogogogoch Corn UK Welsh 0.59
Somerset Apple Pudding Cake UK English 0.58
English Potato Streamers UK English 0.58
Ham With Boozy Cranberry & Mushroom Sauce UK English 0.57
Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes and Tarragon on English Muffins UK Welsh 0.57
Braised Lamb With Anchovies UK English 0.57
Tuna and Peas on a English Shingle UK English 0.57
Potato Scones UK Scottish 0.57
Grilled or Broiled Lamb Chops UK English 0.57
English Fudge UK English 0.57
V for Vendetta's - Eggy in a Basket! UK English 0.57
Jamie Oliver's Pineapple With Bashed-Up Mint Sugar UK English 0.57
Breakfast Gratin UK English 0.57
Sausage Casserole (Oamc) UK English 0.57
Smoked Trout and Cheese Omelette UK Scottish 0.56
Ghurka Chicken Cardamom Curry - Kukhra Alainchi Sanga UK English 0.56
Broiled Steak with Shallot Butter UK Scottish 0.56
Rich Pork Casserole UK English 0.56
Hot Milk Posset UK English 0.56
Warm Scallop Salad With Prosciutto (Scottish) UK Scottish 0.56
English Toffee UK English 0.56
British Bread and Butter Pudding UK English 0.55
Sausage casserole UK English 0.55