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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

The Shepherd Found Another Pie

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Turkey-Chile Casserole Mexican Mexican 0.98
Saucy Eggs with English Muffins UK English 0.98
Italian Mozzarella Wings (Rachael Ray) Italian Italian 0.97
Mama's Chicken Enchilada Casserole Mexican Mexican 0.97
Chicken Sopa Casserole Mexican Mexican 0.97
Hungarian Layered Potato Casserole Eastern European Hungarian 0.97
Paprika Chicken (For Diabetics) Eastern European Hungarian 0.97
Swiss Cheese Egg Bake Deutschland Swiss 0.97
Lower-Cal Buttermilk Bacon Spinach Quiche French French 0.97
Supper on Italian Bread Italian Italian 0.97
Western Ham and Egg Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.96
Simply Easy Spicy Sloppy Joes #SP5 Mexican Mexican 0.96
Round Red & Roast Beef Caesar Salad South American Argentine 0.96
Beef and Cheese Crescent Snacks South American Argentine 0.96
Cheese and Onion Stuffed Sausages Australian Australian 0.96
Hot Roast Beef Hoagies South American Argentine 0.96
Low Carb Ground Beef in Eggplant "cannelloni" South American Argentine 0.96
Hot Roast Beef Sandwich Loaf South American Argentine 0.96
Pan Con Lechon (Roasted Pork Sandwich) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.96
Border Fritatta #5FIX Mexican Mexican 0.96
Italian Chicken and Potatoes Italian Italian 0.96
French Onion Breadsticks French French 0.96
Spicy Beef Sandwich South American Argentine 0.96
Xavier Steak South American Argentine 0.96
Halloumi & Bacon Rolls Greek Greek 0.96
Bacon & Beef Wrapped Asparagus and Goat Cheese South American Argentine 0.96
French Dips With Swiss Deutschland Swiss 0.96
English Muffins With a Kick UK English 0.96
French Quarter Sweet Potato Cake #SP5 French French 0.96
Stuffed Cabbage-Troo Style French French 0.96
Barbecued Chicken Pizza Italian Italian 0.96
Asparagus Wrapped Wth Prosciutto Italian Italian 0.96
Quick Jalapeno Cheddar Muffins Irish Irish 0.96
Mini-Reuben Appetizers Deutschland German 0.96
Cheesy Chicken Casserole Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.96
Octoberfest Kielbasa and Potato Pizza With Muenster Cheese #5FIX Deutschland German 0.96
Deli-Style Turkey Roll up Antipasto Italian Italian 0.96
Sausage With Spinach and Fried Egg ( Wurstschusserl Mit Spinat U Deutschland German 0.96
Egg in a Potato Nest Canadian Canadian 0.96
Grilled Italian Sausage Panini Italian Italian 0.96
Pan Fried Pierogies With Ham Eastern European Polish 0.96
March 18th Breakfast Irish Irish 0.96
Reuben Potato Bake #5FIX Irish Irish 0.96
Chicken Broccoli Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.96
Stuffed Reuben Bread Canadian Canadian 0.96
Wrapped Asparagus - Meat Canadian Canadian 0.96
Easy Bacon and Cheese Buns! Canadian Canadian 0.96
Polish Potato Oven Omelet Eastern European Polish 0.93
Irish Sausage and Potato Pie Irish Irish 0.92
Another Baked Brie Canadian Canadian 0.92