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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Chinese Roast Fried Chicken

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Giant Chicken Nuggets Australian Australian 0.95
Baked Sausage-Stuffed French Toast French French 0.95
Amy's Simple Spaghetti Pie Italian Italian 0.95
Easy Chilis Rellenos Casserole Mexican Mexican 0.95
Easy Chiles Rellenos Casserole Mexican Mexican 0.95
Mexican Wings Mexican Mexican 0.95
Pao De Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) South American Brazilian 0.94
Fruit Bun French Toast French French 0.94
Sour Cream Chili South American Argentine 0.94
Beef Rollup South American Argentine 0.94
Prosciutto Pesto Pizza Greek Greek 0.94
Manouri Me Kythoni: Fried Cheese W- Quince Preserves Greek Greek 0.94
Pesto & Feta Simply Potatoes Gnocchi #5FIX Italian Italian 0.94
Cherry Pepper Shooters Italian Italian 0.94
Frozen Maple Mousse Canadian Canadian 0.94
Fruit and Cheese Blintz or Breakfast Crepes Scandinavian Swedish 0.94
Sicilian Chicken Parmesan Italian Italian 0.94
Simple French Toast Strata French French 0.94
Pesto-Prosciutto Panini Italian Italian 0.94
Pizza Bites Italian Italian 0.93
Ma's Gnocchi Italian Italian 0.93
Pan Fried Chicken Liver Salad Italian Italian 0.93
Irish Creme Liqueur Irish Irish 0.93
Pop 'em Pizza Bites Italian Italian 0.93
Irish Cream Irish Irish 0.93
Grandma's Lasagna Italian Italian 0.93
Spinach Pancakes Finnish Scandinavian Swedish 0.93
Maple Syrup Pie Canadian Canadian 0.93
Maple Almond Souffle Pancake Canadian Canadian 0.93
Mozzarella-Stuffed Turkey Pesto Meatballs Italian Italian 0.93
French Toast Breakfast Sandwich With Canadian Maple Syrup Canadian Canadian 0.93
Guinness Omelet Irish Irish 0.93
Babaci's Potato Pierogi Eastern European Polish 0.93
Linda's Creamy Italian Chicken Fettuccine Italian Italian 0.93
Fabulous Fettuccine Alfredo Italian Italian 0.93
Chicken Reuben Irish Irish 0.93
Baked Italian Delight Italian Italian 0.91
Triple-Cheese Eggplant (Aubergine) Parmigiana Italian Italian 0.91
Bailey's Irish Cream & Coffee Chip Ice Cream Irish Irish 0.91
Polish Sausage Quiche Eastern European Polish 0.91
The Dagwood Italian Italian 0.90
Jason's Chicken Parmesan Italian Italian 0.89
Easy Lasagne Casserole Italian Italian 0.89
Lasagna for 2 (Or 3) Italian Italian 0.89
Baked Pasta with Asparagus (Pasta al Forno con Asparagi) Italian Italian 0.89
Parmigiana Thighs with Creamy Noodles Italian Italian 0.89
Cheese and Prosciutto Manicotti Filling Irish Irish 0.87
Fettuccine Alla Carbonara Italian Italian 0.87
Baked Leeks With Bechamel and Jamon Serrano Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
Lost Maples French Toast French French 0.87