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Calico Chicken and Dumplings

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Royal Velvet Chicken Soup UK English 0.78
Creamed Rice With Maple Syrup UK English 0.76
Sausages Braised With Lentils UK English 0.76
British Almond Soup UK UK 0.76
Piccalilli UK English 0.76
Cheddar Cheese Soup UK English 0.75
Cowherd's Pies UK Scottish 0.75
British Baked Beans UK UK 0.75
English Plum Pudding UK English 0.74
Low Fat Welsh Rarebit UK Welsh 0.74
Chowning's Tavern Welsh Rarebit W- Beer UK Welsh 0.74
Nut Flavoured Vegetable Curry UK English 0.74
Broccoli Cream Cheese Soup UK English 0.74
Scottish Highland Chicken Soup UK Scottish 0.73
Biscuit Bread UK English 0.73
Paul and Linda McCartney's Split Pea Soup UK English 0.73
Derwentwater Duck With Cumberland Sauce UK English 0.72
The Best Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies UK English 0.72
Spicy Bean Stew With Sausages UK English 0.72
Best Beef Stew UK English 0.72
English Eggnog UK English 0.72
Scottish Oaty Vegetable Soup UK Scottish 0.72
Leek and Mushroom Soup 1979 UK English 0.71
Chip Shop Curry Sauce UK English 0.71
Shepherd's Pie - Alton Brown UK English 0.71
High Dumpsy Dearie – Traditional English Fruit Jam UK English 0.71
'stir and Make a Wish' Christmas Pudding UK English 0.71
Steamed Whiskey & Marmalade Puddings With Sauce Anglaise UK Scottish 0.71
Custard-Pudding UK English 0.71
Orange and Port Poultry Sauce UK English 0.70
Elegant Lavender and Lemon Poached Chicken Breasts UK English 0.70
Traditional Scotch Broth UK Scottish 0.70
Kelly's Beef Stew UK English 0.70
Chicken Winter Casserole UK English 0.70
Traditional British Boozy Mincemeat - Fat Free UK English 0.70
Shandy UK UK 0.70
Corned Silverside UK English 0.69
Heavenly Mocha Brownie 3 Chocolate Trifle UK English 0.69
Cheese and Leek Soufflé UK English 0.69
British Asian Rice Pudding UK UK 0.69
Lancaster Chicken Soup UK English 0.69
Lasagne Al Forno UK English 0.69
Spiced Lentil and Roasted Vegetable Soup UK English 0.69
The Best Lemon Curd UK English 0.68
Welsh Rarebit I UK Welsh 0.68
Mixed Pulses Casserole UK English 0.68
Scottish Broth UK Scottish 0.68
Stilton and Potato Soup With Cheese Croutons UK English 0.68
Queen Mother's Cake UK English 0.68
Butterscotch Tart UK Scottish 0.68