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German Romaine Salad With Westphalian Vinaigrette

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Pancetta and Swiss Cheese Stuffed Burgers With Pesto Mayonnaise Deutschland Swiss 0.94
Potato Gnocchi and Spinach Alfredo With Sundried Tomato Drizzle Italian Italian 0.93
Southern Pecan crusted Chicken with Mustard sauce Canadian Canadian 0.92
Swiss Cheese Frittata With Potatoes and Caramelized Onions Deutschland Swiss 0.92
French Harvest Omelet French French 0.92
Cream of Sweet Potato Soup Canadian Canadian 0.92
Warm German Potato Salad with Sausage Deutschland German 0.91
Escarole (Endive), Walnut & Fontina Salad Italian Italian 0.91
Savory Sausage Salad (aka Wurstsalat) Deutschland German 0.91
Roast Beef Roll Ups South American Argentine 0.91
Brussels Sprout Salad With Walnuts Canadian Canadian 0.91
Onion and Fresh Herb Omelet With Mixed Greens French French 0.90
Chayotes Stuffed With Beef or Pork South American Argentine 0.90
The Greek Pizza (California Pizza Kitchen) Greek Greek 0.90
Taylor's Piroshki Eastern European Russian 0.90
French Bistro Tenderloin Roast With Shallot Sauce French French 0.90
Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts With Onion and Ale Sauce UK English 0.90
Italian Cauliflower and Broccoli Salad Irish Irish 0.90
Fresh Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce Italian Italian 0.89
Pesto Pizza Bread Italian Italian 0.89
Chicken Strips with Sweet and Sour Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.89
Tony Luke's Italian Roast Pork Sandwich (The Real Deal) Italian Italian 0.89
Ukrainian Pirohi - Aka Varenyky Eastern European Polish 0.89
T - Bone Steaks With Garlic Butter Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.89
Pasteis De Carne (fried Pastries With Meat Filling) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.89
Scrambled Eggs With Flavor UK English 0.89
Carrot Fritters Golden Rock Estate Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.89
French Tuna and Rice Salad French French 0.89
Grilled Spring Lamb Chops (From Fwdgf) French French 0.89
Grilled Zucchini With Fresh Mozzarella Italian Italian 0.89
Omelette With Fresh Tomatoes Greek Greek 0.89
Pease Pudding UK English 0.89
Basic Spaghetti Sauce Italian Italian 0.89
Venetian Calf's Liver with Onions Italian Italian 0.89
Pa's Rabbit Belgian Dutch 0.89
Balsamic Chicken and Fresh Mozzarella Italian Italian 0.89
Dutch Stove Top Chicken Belgian Dutch 0.89
Mozzato Salad (Aka Caprese) Italian Italian 0.89
Pork Tenderloin With Grainy Mustard Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.89
Italian Summer Salad Irish Irish 0.89
Italian Chicken Rollups (6ww Points) Italian Italian 0.89
Southern Cabbage Recipe Irish Irish 0.89
Italian Chicken Cheese Rollups (Light) Italian Italian 0.89
Grilled Chicken Breast With Carmalized Tomato Compote Italian Italian 0.89
Leek Dip Irish Irish 0.89
Maple Mustard Carrots Canadian Canadian 0.89
Momma Jean's Carrot Cake Canadian Canadian 0.89
Crispy Cauliflower Crust Pizza Italian Italian 0.89
House Antipasto Salad Italian Italian 0.88
Candied Chicken Wings Canadian Canadian 0.88