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Scarborough Fair Shortbread

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Burrebrede (Scottish Shortbread) UK Scottish 0.86
Old Fashioned Cream Scones UK English 0.74
Nell Mcdonald's Bread Pudding UK English 0.74
Parmesan, Basil, & Sun-Dried Tomato Scones UK English 0.73
All Butter English Flapjacks UK English 0.71
Red Leicester Pie UK English 0.71
Orkney Broonie UK Scottish 0.69
Glazed and Sugared Shortbread UK Scottish 0.69
Brown Sugar Scones UK English 0.69
Old Fashioned English Apple Pie With a Kiss and a Squeeze! UK Scottish 0.68
Chunky Brownies UK Scottish 0.68
Cinnamon Shortbread Bars UK Scottish 0.68
Shortbread Brownies UK Scottish 0.67
Savory Cheese Scones UK English 0.67
Orange and Almond Crumble Christmas Mince Pies UK Scottish 0.67
Christmas Crumble UK English 0.66
Apple Cobbler UK English 0.66
Rustic Lemon Poppy Seed Scones UK English 0.66
Chocolate Chunk Scones UK Scottish 0.66
Lemon Poppy Seed Shortbread Cookies UK Scottish 0.66
Open Faced English Muffin Egg Sandwich UK English 0.65
Scottish Oat Cakes UK Scottish 0.65
Lemon Cream Scones UK English 0.65
My Version of Cara's Version of Evelyn Rose's Rice Pudding UK English 0.64
Apple Scones UK English 0.64
Easy Scones UK English 0.64
Mocha Shortbread UK Scottish 0.64
Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes UK English 0.64
Raspberry Walnut Shortbread Bars UK Scottish 0.64
Maids-of-Honor UK English 0.64
Scottish Fruit-Filled Scones UK Scottish 0.63
Rose & Crown Chicken Leek Pie (Disney) UK English 0.63
The King's Scones With Currants Recipe UK English 0.63
Welsh Honey Cakes UK Welsh 0.63
Barra Muffins UK Scottish 0.62
Shortbread Meltaways UK Scottish 0.62
Scotch Cake Cookies UK Scottish 0.62
Edinburgh Squares UK Scottish 0.62
Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes UK UK 0.62
British Currant Scones, ATK UK UK 0.62
Low Fat Dried Fruit Scones UK English 0.62
All-In-One Cauliflower Supper UK English 0.62
Mini Orange Mince Pies UK English 0.62
Welsh Cakes UK Welsh 0.62
Yummy Parkin - British Gingerbread - Cake UK English 0.62
A British Classic - Pan Yan Pickle UK Scottish 0.62
Cheddar and Fresh Black Pepper Scones UK English 0.62
Brownies UK Scottish 0.61
Blueberry Oat Scones UK English 0.61
Chocolate Ginger Cake UK English 0.61