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Up Town Spinach Salad With Spicy Asian Dressing

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Rootin' Tootin' Roasted Roots - Roasted Root Vegetables in Paper UK Scottish 0.68
Cucumber Salad With Soured Cream and Dill UK English 0.67
Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb UK English 0.66
English -Style Bread Pudding UK English 0.66
Chocolate Shortbread Sandwich Bars UK Scottish 0.65
Stone Cream UK English 0.64
Traditional English Sherry Trifle - Strictly for the Grown Ups! UK Scottish 0.64
Baked Cod With Vegetables, Prosciutto and Pine Nuts UK English 0.64
Barbecued Sea Bass UK English 0.64
Shooter's Steak Sandwich UK English 0.63
Bacon English Muffins UK English 0.63
Exceptional English Muffin Sandwiches UK English 0.63
Apple Shortbread Pie UK Scottish 0.62
Double Peppermint Bark UK English 0.62
Rarebit Savories UK UK 0.62
Cheese & Onion Pork Chops UK English 0.62
Mr Falafel's British "Fish n Chips" UK UK 0.62
Fabulous English Muffins UK English 0.62
Cranberry-Orange Scones UK Scottish 0.62
Fruity Rice Krispie Treats - Squares - Kids No Bake UK English 0.62
Puff Ball Rolls With Tomato Caesar Salad - Bbc Saturday Kitchen UK English 0.61
Welsh Vegetable Pie UK Welsh 0.61
Rhubarb Chicken UK English 0.61
Beef Wellington so Tender! UK English 0.61
Pease Pudding UK English 0.61
Hot-Smoked Salmon UK Scottish 0.61
Buggy's Shortbread II UK Scottish 0.60
Chimney Stacks - Savoury Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms! UK Scottish 0.60
Gruesome Green Goblin Punch - Fun for Halloween! UK English 0.60
English 15th Century Poor Knights of Windsor - Boozy Toast! UK English 0.60
Eggnog Coffee (Non-Alcoholic) UK English 0.60
True Lancashire Hot Pot UK English 0.59
Ghirardelli English Toffee UK English 0.59
Queen of Puddings - Baked Raspberry and Meringue Pudding UK Scottish 0.59
Perfect Roast Chicken UK English 0.59
French Toast with Raspberry Butter UK Scottish 0.59
Hot Chocolate Puddings UK English 0.59
Shooter Sandwich UK English 0.59
Honey-Roasted Pear Salad With Thyme and Verjus Dressing UK English 0.59
Scottish Brown Sugar Shortbread UK Scottish 0.59
Savoury Tomato and Basil Scones UK Scottish 0.59
Old English Beef Crepes UK English 0.59
Sublime Vegan Scones UK English 0.58
Stilton, Fruit and Nut Crumble UK English 0.58
Newcastle Potted Salmon UK English 0.58
Passion Fruit and Custard Souffle - James Martin Recipe UK English 0.57
Saucy Eggs with English Muffins UK English 0.57
English Jam Tarts UK English 0.57
English Toffee Crescents UK English 0.57
Salmon and Whiskey Sauce UK Scottish 0.57