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By cooking processes, top 50 recipes similar to:

Llanfairpwllgwyngyll Gogerychyrndrobwllllanty Siliogogogoch Corn

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Ys English Toffee UK English 0.78
Salmon and Spinach With Tartare Cream UK English 0.73
Buttery English Toffee UK English 0.71
Onion Cheese Omelet UK English 0.70
Fantastic Black Bean Chili UK UK 0.69
Scottish (Or English) Rarebit UK Scottish 0.68
Marinated Pork Steaks UK English 0.68
Cold Chicken With Sherry UK English 0.68
Lavender Ice Cream UK English 0.68
Shepherd's Big Purple Vegetable Pie UK English 0.68
English Creamy Stilton Soup UK English 0.68
Chicken and Cheese over English Muffins UK English 0.67
English Toffee UK English 0.67
Arbroath Toasties UK Scottish 0.67
Chilli Con Grandma UK English 0.67
Apple Snow UK English 0.67
Crock Pot Welsh Rarebit UK Welsh 0.67
Cranberry-Orange Trifle UK English 0.66
English Peas and Pearls (Creamed Green Peas With Pearl Onions) UK English 0.66
Almond Soup (Chilled) UK English 0.66
Baked Corn Beef Hash UK UK 0.66
Creamy Mustard Pork UK English 0.66
Cottage Pie UK UK 0.65
Chicken Curry UK English 0.65
British Onion Soup UK UK 0.65
Traditional Welsh Rarebit UK Welsh 0.64
Ibby's Metaphysical English Toffee UK English 0.64
Cheese Rarebit Fondue UK Welsh 0.64
Watercress Soup UK English 0.64
Pancakes British Style UK English 0.64
Scottish "fried" Potatoes UK Scottish 0.64
Wintry Beef Vegetable Stew With Fluffy Herb Dumplings UK English 0.63
English Bread Sauce UK English 0.63
Honey Mustard Chicken Pot With Parsnips UK English 0.62
Leek and Fennel Soup UK Welsh 0.62
Quick Beany Bake UK English 0.62
Gourmet Cheddar Hot Dogs With Cider Braised Leeks and Apples UK English 0.62
Creamed Spinach with Croutons UK English 0.62
Potato Scones UK Scottish 0.62
My Mother's Rice Pudding UK Welsh 0.62
Grilled or Broiled Lamb Chops UK English 0.62
Salmon with Tomatoes UK UK 0.62
Adipoli Parathas UK English 0.61
Steamed Cranberry Pudding UK English 0.61
Stilton & Chutney Rarebit Bites UK Welsh 0.61
Blue Cheese and Bacon Soup UK English 0.61
Spicy Carrot Sandwiches (Vegetarian) UK English 0.60
Mumbled Asparagus with Lemony Salmon UK English 0.60
Just an Egg UK Scottish 0.60
Cottage Pie UK Scottish 0.60