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Deer Stew With Mustard and Cashew Nuts

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Beef Stew With Beer Belgian Dutch 0.78
Spek Met Wittekool - Pork Hocks With Cabbage Belgian Dutch 0.72
Leeks in Cheese Sauce Belgian Belgian 0.69
Savory Beef and Onion Stew (Hachée) Belgian Dutch 0.67
Dutch Brown Bean Soup Belgian Dutch 0.67
Creamy Broccoli & Smoked Eel Soup Belgian Dutch 0.67
Chicken Waterzooi Stew Belgian Belgian 0.64
Chicken with Belgian Endive (kip met witloof) Belgian Belgian 0.63
Belgium Chicken Waterzooi Belgian Belgian 0.63
Stroop Koekjes - Syrup Cookies Belgian Dutch 0.62
Brie and Leek Sandwiches Belgian Belgian 0.62
Hutespot (Boiled Dinner) Belgian Belgian 0.61
Speculaas Holland Cookies for Sinterklaas Belgian Dutch 0.61
Dutch Red Cabbage Revelation Belgian Dutch 0.61
Oma's Gingerbread House Belgian Dutch 0.60
Belgian Christmas Cookies Belgian Belgian 0.60
Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Corn Noodle Soup Belgian Dutch 0.60
Chocolate Chip Dutch Baby Belgian Dutch 0.60
Dutch Apple Pie (Oma's Appeltaart) Belgian Dutch 0.60
Veal Ragout Belgian Dutch 0.60
Dutch Pork Chops Belgian Dutch 0.59
Stokvisch - Cod á La Volendam Belgian Dutch 0.59
Mushroomed Afternoon Belgian Belgian 0.59
Big Brown Cake Belgian Dutch 0.59
Babi Pangang (Dutch Style Indo-Chinese Grilled Pork) Belgian Dutch 0.59
Dutch Split Pea Soup Belgian Dutch 0.59
Almond Kipferl - Dutch Crescents Belgian Dutch 0.58
Chervil Leek Soup Belgian Belgian 0.58
Dutch Oven Beef Stew Belgian Dutch 0.58
Dutch Meatball Soup (Shortcut Version) Belgian Dutch 0.58
Classic Entrecote Bordelaise - Steak in Red Wine With Shallots Belgian Belgian 0.58
Belgian Walnut Rice Loaf Belgian Belgian 0.58
Almond Champagne Fondue Belgian Dutch 0.58
Flemish Carbonnade Belgian Belgian 0.57
Belgian Cheese Croquettes Belgian Belgian 0.57
Dutch Oven Breakfast Bake Belgian Dutch 0.57
Zuurkool Met Spek - Sauerkraut and Pork Hocks Belgian Dutch 0.57
Alaskan Pollack with Broccoli in a Cream Sauce Belgian Belgian 0.56
Booyah Chicken Belgian Belgian 0.56
Dutch Oven Chicken Soup Belgian Dutch 0.56
Erwtensoep - Dutch Pea Soup Belgian Dutch 0.56
Dutch Leek Soup Belgian Dutch 0.55
Rode Kool (Red Cabbage) Dutch recipe Belgian Dutch 0.55
Dutch Snert (Split Pea Soup) Belgian Dutch 0.55
Flemish Beef Stew II Belgian Belgian 0.55
Carbonades Flamandes (Belgian Recipe for Beef, Onions in Sauce) Belgian Belgian 0.55
Rabbit and Prune Stew Belgian Belgian 0.54
Belgian Beef Carbonnade Belgian Belgian 0.54
Dutch Meatball Soup Belgian Dutch 0.54
Dutch Bosbessen Brood (Blueberry Bread) Belgian Dutch 0.54