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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Five Minute Fruit Salad

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Randy's Texas Tea US US 0.99
Pink Watermelon Slushy Rest Africa Nigerian 0.99
Baby Bananas in Orange Sauce (Benin) Rest Africa Nigerian 0.98
Lime Ice Cubes Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.98
Banana Fruit Salad Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.98
Maryjane's Avacado Ice Cream Mexican Mexican 0.98
Kiwi Ice Australian Australian 0.98
Ocean Cruiser (Frozen Alcoholic Drink) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.98
Caribbean Fruit Shake (Lactose Free) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.98
Mango Spread Australian New Zealander 0.98
Caribbean Cocktail Mocktail Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.98
British Columbian Raspberry Lemon Ice UK UK 0.98
Limoncello Buttercream Italian Italian 0.98
Cherub's Cup - Gin and Elderflower Sparkling Cocktail French French 0.98
Elderberry Jam - Microwave Canadian Canadian 0.98
B.c. Cherry and Raspberry Preserves Canadian Canadian 0.98
Vanilla Poached Plums Canadian Canadian 0.98
Grilled Peaches with Raspberries Canadian Canadian 0.98
Light Strawberry Banana Jam Canadian Canadian 0.98
No-Sugar Apricot Satin Canadian Canadian 0.98
The Red-Head Cactus Canadian Canadian 0.98
Melon-Papaya Batido Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.97
Strawberry Lemon-Lime Marmalade Canadian Canadian 0.96
Pumpkin Citrus Butter Canadian Canadian 0.96
Snowcapped Pink Strawberry Mountains(Strawberry Granita) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.96
Darjeeling Express Fruity English Tea Loaf - Bread Irish Irish 0.96
Baked Cranberry Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.96
Arrayan Agua Fresca Mexican Mexican 0.96
Salt-Grilled (Broiled) Fish Japanese Japanese 0.94
Make Your Own Verjuice Australian Australian 0.94
Minted Lemon Lime Watermelon Juice Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.94
Quince Jelly Australian Australian 0.94
Microwave Marmalade Pears Australian Australian 0.94
White Coconut Rough Australian Australian 0.94
Chinatown Toffeed Figs Australian Australian 0.94
Apple Cider Australian New Zealander 0.94
Apple Puree-Applesauce & Real Apple Juice (No Added Sugar) Australian New Zealander 0.94
Fruit Gel for Babies Australian Australian 0.94
Strawberry Ice Cubes Australian New Zealander 0.94
Pomegranate Granita Australian Australian 0.94
Basic Fruit Kanten Japanese Japanese 0.94
Durian Cakes Australian Australian 0.94
Oven Baked Sweet Plantains Central American Guatemalan 0.94
Sorrel Drink Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.94
Banana Daiquiris Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.94
Goiabada (Guava Marmalade) South American Brazilian 0.94
Cherries Poached in Vanilla - Cerises Pochées French French 0.94
Ruby-Red Raspberry Vinegar and Old-Fashioned Vinegar Syrup French French 0.94
Orange Marmalade UK Scottish 0.94
Confiture De Crameillotte (Dandelion Flower Jelly) French French 0.94