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Shepherd's Pie Cups

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Mini Shepherd's Pie-So Good! UK English 0.99
Italian Spaghetti Sauce With Meatballs (Sooo Good!) Italian Italian 0.99
Crockpot Turkey Meatballs Italian Italian 0.98
Brown's Meat Balls and Tomato Sauce Italian Italian 0.98
Grpa's Italian Spaghetti Sauce With Meatballs Italian Italian 0.98
Old World Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Italian Italian 0.97
Roasted Red Pepper Cream Soup Canadian Canadian 0.97
Piperada Sandwich (Basque Omelette) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.97
McDonald's Style Cheeseburger Hamburger Canadian Canadian 0.97
Turkey Meatball Subs Italian Italian 0.96
Darcy's Pasta E Fagioli Italian Italian 0.96
My Southern Mama's Italian Vegetable Soup Italian Italian 0.96
My Italian Meatballs and Sauce Italian Italian 0.96
Tortellini Soup Italian Italian 0.96
Italian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Italian Italian 0.96
Succulent Chicken Asparagus Salad (Warm or Cold) Canadian Canadian 0.96
McDonald's Style Quarter Pounder Hamburger With Cheese Canadian Canadian 0.96
Turkey Meatball Soup Canadian Canadian 0.95
Italian Zucchini Pie Italian Italian 0.95
Easy Spaghetti Bolognese Italian Italian 0.95
Christine's Meatball Subs Italian Italian 0.95
Emeril's Spaghetti and Meatballs Italian Italian 0.95
Beef Ragu With Pumpkin and Sage Italian Italian 0.95
The Best Pork Chop Dinner - EVER! Canadian Canadian 0.95
Low Fat Minestrone Soup Canadian Canadian 0.94
Linguine With Marinara Sauce and Meatballs Italian Italian 0.94
Broccoli Quiche French French 0.94
Italian Potato Skins Italian Italian 0.94
Frittata Di Zucchine (Zucchini Frittata) Italian Italian 0.94
Roasted Garlic Pasta Italian Italian 0.94
Zucchini Frittatas II Italian Italian 0.94
Semi- Homemade Meat Spaghetti Sauce Italian Italian 0.94
Little Irish Hog Irish Irish 0.94
Red Potato Soup Canadian Canadian 0.94
Italian-Style Roast Beef Sandwiches South American Argentine 0.94
Italian Chicken Cigars Italian Italian 0.94
Alsatian Sauerkraut Potato Soup Deutschland German 0.94
The Italian Buffalo Italian Italian 0.94
Roasted Chicken With Garden Vegetables Canadian Canadian 0.94
Creamy Potato Leek Soup Italian Italian 0.94
Homemade Mettwurst Deutschland German 0.94
Borracho Chicken ( Drunken - Beer Can Chicken ) Irish Irish 0.94
Microwave Potatoes With Herbs Canadian Canadian 0.94
Monkeyboy's Marinated Pork Loin Deutschland German 0.94
Spiessbraten, Idar-Oberstein Style Deutschland German 0.94
Mexicali Meatballs Canadian Canadian 0.94
Frango à Moda Do Alentejana (Chicken With Potatoes and Ga Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.94
Low Carb Beef Burger Stuffed With Feta and Tomato South American Argentine 0.94
Belize Beef on Spiced Potatoes South American Argentine 0.94
Cheesy Beef Barley Soup South American Argentine 0.94