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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Good Ol' English-Style Beer-Battered Fish 'n Chips

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Sun-Dried Tomato and Pesto Risotto Italian Italian 0.93
Stuffed Mussels (Tigres) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Quick Chinese Fried Rice Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 0.89
Mexican Skillet Spaghetti Mexican Mexican 0.89
New Mexico Style Pork Chops Mexican Mexican 0.89
Mushroom Hotcakes-Pancakes Australian Australian 0.89
Mexican Pork Chops Mexican Mexican 0.89
Grandma's Potato Puffs Deutschland German 0.89
Hortobagyi Palacsinta Blintz Eastern European Hungarian 0.87
Janine's Crepes French French 0.87
Cherry Crepes French French 0.87
Pizza Skillet Italian Italian 0.87
Veronica's Homemade Gnocchi (Italian potato dumplings) Italian Italian 0.87
Gluten Free Perogies Canadian Canadian 0.87
Fried Cheese With Shallot Dressing Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
Sicilian Tuna Steaks in Onion Sauce Italian Italian 0.85
Japanese Tempura Japanese Japanese 0.85
Grandma's Swedish Thin Pancakes Scandinavian Swedish 0.85
Beef Penne Pasta Casserole South American Argentine 0.85
Pão De Queijo - Brazilian Cheese Puffs (Gluten-Free) South American Brazilian 0.85
Scots Pancakes - a-k-a "Dropped Scones" UK Scottish 0.85
French Pancakes (Crepes) French French 0.85
Campbell's Easy Beef Teriyaki South American Argentine 0.85
Lefse Scandinavian Norwegian 0.85
The Lost Art of Lefse Making (Step-By-Step) Scandinavian Norwegian 0.85
Nanny's Nursery Baked Jam Roly Poly Pudding UK Scottish 0.85
Grandma Reilkoff's Authentic Russian Blintze Eastern European Russian 0.85
Beef in Stout UK English 0.85
Quick comfort pudding UK English 0.85
French Canadian Onion Confit French French 0.85
Holland Bols Blue White Chocolate Pudding Bundt Cake Belgian Dutch 0.85
Sweet Tortelli Emilia-Romangna-Style (Tortelli Dolci All' Emilia Italian Italian 0.85
Dutch Pancakes Belgian Dutch 0.85
Irish Coffee Meringue Irish Irish 0.85
Pannukakku (Finnish Pancake) Scandinavian Finnish 0.84
Bavarian Pancakes Deutschland German 0.84
Chicken & Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.84
Matafans Savoyardes French French 0.84
Bero Pancakes UK English 0.84
Crepes French French 0.84
Fegato Alla Venezia (Venecian Calves' Liver) Italian Italian 0.84
Maple Candied Sweet Potatoes Canadian Canadian 0.84
Pasta Dough #2, Spinach Italian Italian 0.84
My Favorite Italian Pizza Italian Italian 0.84
Green Tomato Spirals Irish Irish 0.84
Maple Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.84
Maple Walnut Yogurt Muffins Canadian Canadian 0.84
Quick Italian Chicken and Rice Italian Italian 0.84
Potato Bunuelos Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.84
Zucchini Squash Fritters Canadian Canadian 0.83