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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Chicken Drumettes Valencia

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Calypso Rum, Pineapple, Ginger and Brown Sugar Marinade-Glaze Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.94
Greek Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes Greek Greek 0.93
Roast Beef Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 0.93
Ginger-Rum Marinade Australian Australian 0.92
Shrimp Scampi (a lighter version) Italian Italian 0.92
Pollo Agli Aromi Italian Italian 0.91
Awesome Lentil-Barley Salad Canadian Canadian 0.90
Marinade for Grilled Beef South American Argentine 0.90
Arrachera Beef Marinade Mexican Mexican 0.90
Ww 6 Points - Beer Soaked Beef South American Argentine 0.87
White Wine Lemon Pepper Marinade - Salad Dressing Italian Italian 0.87
Beef Tataki With Ponzu Sauce South American Argentine 0.87
Anita's Salad Dressing Italian Italian 0.87
Tequila - Lime Grilled Chicken Mexican Mexican 0.87
Mojito (Cuban Mint and Rum Cocktail) Caribbean Cuban 0.87
Super Fresh Cuban-Style Mojo Caribbean Cuban 0.87
Missionary's Downfall Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.87
Spicy Grilled Caribbean Tuna Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.87
Greek Style Lamb Marinade Greek Greek 0.87
Russian Garlic Salad Eastern European Russian 0.87
Russian Garlic Side Dish Eastern European Russian 0.87
Swedish Grilled Kebabs Scandinavian Swedish 0.87
Cider Smoke and Spice Canadian Canadian 0.86
Tuscan Pork Roast (Weight Watchers) Italian Italian 0.86
Heineken Beer Steak Marinade Belgian Dutch 0.86
BBQ Beef Ribs Canadian Canadian 0.86
Summer Vinaigrette Canadian Canadian 0.86
Lemon Rosemary Marinade Canadian Canadian 0.84
White Beans Italian Style Italian Italian 0.84
Roasted Roman Style Artichokes (Carciofi Alla Romana) Italian Italian 0.83
Marinated Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.83
Gingery Cider Canadian Canadian 0.83
Greek Grilled Shrimp Greek Greek 0.83
Molho De Piri-Piri (Portuguese Peri-Peri Marinade Sauce) Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.83
Portuguese Chicken Madeira Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.83
Rack of Pork With Ginger Cooked in a Salt Crust French French 0.83
Jeera Murg (Chicken with Cumin) UK English 0.83
Dried Fruit Compote Canadian Canadian 0.83
Ginger Orange Sauce or Marinade Canadian Canadian 0.83
Dilly Dijon Potatoes Canadian Canadian 0.83
Wine-Steamed Beer Can Chicken Irish Irish 0.83
Cherry Tomatoes With Parsley and Garlic Canadian Canadian 0.82
Lamb Chops (Or Cutlets) W-Caramelized Garlic Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.82
Lemon Turkey Cutlets Canadian Canadian 0.82
Greek Lemon Roasted Potatoes Greek Greek 0.82
Provencal Tapenade Greek Greek 0.82
Mediterranean Marinade Greek Greek 0.82
Umbrian Style Hot Garlic and Olive Oil Spaghetti Italian Italian 0.82
Greek Chicken Breast Souvlaki Greek Greek 0.82
Green Beans With Coriander and Garlic: Feijao Verde Com Coentro Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.82