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Beef and Veal With Parsley, Swiss Style

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Mama's Tomato Gravy US US 0.98
Baked Chicken with Broccoli & Rice Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 0.98
Easy Mexican Rice Mexican Mexican 0.98
Scottish Mealy Pudding UK Scottish 0.98
Fårikål - Norwegian Lamb and Cabbage Stew Scandinavian Norwegian 0.98
Parsnip Fritters Canadian Canadian 0.98
Lazy Sausage rolls Canadian Canadian 0.97
Handmade Gnocci Dumplings Italian Italian 0.97
German Fried Noodles Deutschland German 0.94
Springerli Deutschland German 0.94
Springerle (Molded Christmas Cookies) Deutschland German 0.94
Hearty Onion Rye Bread (Bread Machine) Deutschland German 0.92
Balkenbrij - Dutch Scrapple Belgian Dutch 0.92
Joe's Polish Potato Salad Eastern European Polish 0.92
Dutch Dumplings Belgian Dutch 0.92
German Springerle Cookies Deutschland German 0.91
Mom's Hot German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.91
Sausage Spanish Rice With Bacon Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Another Pork Chops and Beer Recipe Irish Irish 0.91
Barley and Lamb Stew Irish Irish 0.91
Skillet Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Deadly Macaroni and Cheese Canadian Canadian 0.89
Braised Pigeons W- Crushed Wheat Stuffing Canadian Canadian 0.89
Komenymagleves (Caraway Seed Soup With Dumplings) Eastern European Hungarian 0.89
Staffordshire Beef Steaks UK English 0.89
Beef Broth With Semolina Dumplings South American Argentine 0.89
Cretan Meat Pie (Kreatotourta) Greek Greek 0.89
"Hjort" Swedish Deer Meatballs Scandinavian Swedish 0.89
Swiss Steak in Foil Deutschland Swiss 0.89
Chicken Francaise With Artichoke Hearts French French 0.89
Lynda's Spaghetti Sauce Italian Italian 0.89
Homemade Beef Spaetzle Soup Deutschland German 0.89
Italian Parmesan Chicken Italian Italian 0.89
Paluszki (Polish Little Fingers) Eastern European Polish 0.89
Quick Madrid Pasta Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Potato Dumplings from Fredericksburg, Tx Deutschland German 0.89
Potato Dumplings Deutschland German 0.89
Grandma Vera's German Potato Salad Recipe Deutschland German 0.89
Nana's Pork Chop and Sauerkraut Skillet Eastern European Polish 0.89
Irish Potato Cakes Irish Irish 0.89
Leg of Lamb, Basque-Style Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Spanish Meat Loaf Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Potato Dumplings Scandinavian Swedish 0.89
Porter Beef Irish Irish 0.89
Scandinavian Bacon and Egg Cake Scandinavian Swedish 0.89
Butter-Browned Pork Tenderloin and Onions Scandinavian Swedish 0.89
Danish Frikadeller or Swedish Kottbullar Meatballs Scandinavian Swedish 0.88
Mom's Meatloaf Canadian Canadian 0.88
Boulettes Francaise (Meatballs in White Sauce) Canadian Canadian 0.88
Moose Roast with Cranberry Gravy Canadian Canadian 0.88