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Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie in a Pan

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
British Currant Scones, ATK UK UK 0.65
Fawlty Towers Pancakes UK English 0.65
Vegetable Cornish Pasties UK English 0.64
Queen of Puddings - Baked Raspberry and Meringue Pudding UK Scottish 0.62
Salmon and Whiskey Sauce UK Scottish 0.62
Beef Wellington Appetizers UK English 0.61
Passion Fruit and Custard Souffle - James Martin Recipe UK English 0.61
Chicken Wellington With Mushroom Veloute Sauce UK English 0.61
Giant Cauliflower Cheese Puff UK English 0.61
Leek Soup with Roasted Garlic and Parmesan UK English 0.60
Baked Pork and Apple Meatballs (Gary Rhodes) UK English 0.60
Nottingham Pudding UK English 0.60
Old-Fashioned Baked Egg Custard Tart With Nutmeg UK Scottish 0.59
Savoy Cabbage Au Gratin UK English 0.59
Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce UK UK 0.59
English Muffin French Toast! UK English 0.59
Lemon Souffle Omelette UK English 0.59
Crispy Roast Chicken With Riesling, Grapes and Tarragon UK English 0.58
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts UK English 0.58
English Muffin Pub Pie UK English 0.58
Roasted Duck With Sage & Onion Stuffing & Applesauce UK English 0.58
Scottish Highland Chicken With Whisky and Cream UK Scottish 0.57
Chocolate Banana Crepes UK UK 0.57
Partridges with Orange and Vermouth Sauce UK English 0.57
Leek Mac and Cheese UK English 0.57
Really Easy Spiced Apple Pie With Crème Anglaise Sauce UK English 0.56
Scarborough Fair stuffing UK English 0.56
Yorkshire Buck UK English 0.56
***** Chewy English Flapjack ***** UK English 0.56
Creamy Fish and Mushroom Pie UK English 0.56
Lamb Braised in White Wine UK English 0.56
Glamorgan Sausages (welsh Veggie Sausages) UK Welsh 0.56
My Mum's Easy and Traditional English Yorkshire Pudding UK English 0.56
Kabbilow (Cod and Horseradish) UK Scottish 0.55
Halibut in Cider UK English 0.55
Lasagne Al Forno UK English 0.55
Sticky Toffee Bananas and Custard UK English 0.55
Baker's Cock-A-Leekie Pie UK Scottish 0.55
Old English Cheesy Mac & Tuna UK English 0.55
Shepherd's Pie - Alton Brown UK English 0.55
Macaroni Cauliflower Cheese Bake UK English 0.55
Turkish Delight Syllabub UK English 0.55
Baileys Sexy Chocolate Mousse!... UK English 0.55
Grilled Asparagus and Leaf Salad UK English 0.55
Holiday Supper Stuffing UK English 0.54
Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb UK English 0.54
Cauliflower Cheese UK English 0.54
Chocolate Ginger Cake UK English 0.54
Special Onion and Bacon Pie UK English 0.54
Veal Chops With Carmelized Onion and Stilton Sauce UK Scottish 0.54