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Pear, Roquefort and Rosemary French Galettes - Tartelettes

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Windmill Cookie Bars Belgian Dutch 0.67
Apple Spice Dutch Oven Coke Cake Belgian Dutch 0.66
Dutch Letter Bars Belgian Dutch 0.66
Dutch Oven Breakfast Bake Belgian Dutch 0.66
Belgian White Beer Cookies With Orange Icing Belgian Belgian 0.64
Dutch Shortbread Boterkoek 1973 Belgian Dutch 0.64
Dutch Croquettes Belgian Dutch 0.64
Calf Liver and Oyster Mushroom Tart Belgian Belgian 0.64
Belgian Endive Wrapped in Ham with Cheese - Lof met Ham en Kaas Belgian Dutch 0.63
Old Dutch Sand Tarts Belgian Dutch 0.63
Vlees Kroketten or Meat Croquettes Belgian Dutch 0.62
Gevuldekoek - Filled Cake Belgian Dutch 0.62
Belgian Christmas Cookies Belgian Belgian 0.61
Traditional French Pistolets - Little Onion and Rye Bread Rolls Belgian Belgian 0.60
Oma's Boterkoek (Dutch Buttercake) Belgian Dutch 0.60
Vegetarian Nasi Rice Dish Belgian Dutch 0.60
Mimi's Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Muffin Cake Belgian Dutch 0.59
Jan Hagel Cookies Belgian Dutch 0.59
Parsnip Pudding Belgian Dutch 0.59
Bonket (Dutch Almond Pastry) Belgian Dutch 0.58
Hollandsche Pudding - Holland Pudding Belgian Dutch 0.58
Dutch Crumb Squares Belgian Dutch 0.58
Sweet Apples in the Oven Belgian Belgian 0.58
Rabbit and Prune Stew Belgian Belgian 0.57
Belgian Endive, Mache, Apples With Sherry Vinaigrette Belgian Belgian 0.57
Alaskan Pollack with Broccoli in a Cream Sauce Belgian Belgian 0.57
Bamie (Dutch-Indo Style) Belgian Dutch 0.57
Carbonades Flamandes (Belgian Recipe for Beef, Onions in Sauce) Belgian Belgian 0.57
Dutch Almond Boterkoek Belgian Dutch 0.57
Smoked Salmon and Philadephia Sandwich Belgian Belgian 0.57
Dutch Letter Cookies Belgian Dutch 0.57
Chocolate Chip Dutch Baby Belgian Dutch 0.57
Uber-Tasty Almost Dutch Pancakes Belgian Dutch 0.56
Pressure Cooker Chicken Fillets, Basis for Savory Pies Etc Belgian Dutch 0.56
Thermomix Belgian Lemon Teacake Belgian Belgian 0.56
Belgian Cinnamon Cookies Belgian Belgian 0.56
Belgian Chicken Fricassee (Vol-Au-Vent) Belgian Belgian 0.56
Holland Dutch Rolls Belgian Dutch 0.55
Tarte Au Sucre Brun Belgian Belgian 0.55
Dutch Cinnamon Biscuits Belgian Dutch 0.55
Shoarma Spice Mix Belgian Dutch 0.55
Almond Kipferl - Dutch Crescents Belgian Dutch 0.55
Belgian Leek Tart & Aged Goat Cheese (Flamiche Aux Poireaux) Belgian Belgian 0.55
Hamburger Strudel (Dutch) Belgian Dutch 0.55
Spiced Pumpkin Soup Belgian Dutch 0.55
Amsterdam Stol (Using Bread Machine) Belgian Dutch 0.55
Little Dutch Tarts Belgian Dutch 0.55
Spek Met Wittekool - Pork Hocks With Cabbage Belgian Dutch 0.54
Dutch Bosbessen Brood (Blueberry Bread) Belgian Dutch 0.54
Moules Marinieres - Belgian Mussels Belgian Belgian 0.54