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Bonket (Dutch Almond Pastry)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Dutch Almond Boterkoek Belgian Dutch 0.81
Dutch Bosbessen Brood (Blueberry Bread) Belgian Dutch 0.79
Dutch Pepernoten Belgian Dutch 0.79
Oma's Boterkoek (Dutch Buttercake) Belgian Dutch 0.78
Thermomix Belgian Lemon Teacake Belgian Belgian 0.78
Pennsylvania Dutch Whoopie Pies Belgian Dutch 0.77
Bushel Cookies (Pennsylvania Dutch) Belgian Dutch 0.77
Mimi's Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Muffin Cake Belgian Dutch 0.76
Windmill Cookie Bars Belgian Dutch 0.75
Dutch Apple Coffee Cake Belgian Dutch 0.74
Liege Waffle Recipe - Liège Gaufre Recette Belgian Belgian 0.74
Shoarma Spice Mix Belgian Dutch 0.74
Duimpjes - Dutch Cookies Belgian Dutch 0.73
Mocha Cheesecake Belgian Belgian 0.72
Wortel Pudding - Carrot Pudding Belgian Dutch 0.72
Kroketten Belgian Dutch 0.71
Pennsylvania Dutch Pound Cake Belgian Dutch 0.71
Ham and Onion Pancakes from Amsterdam Belgian Dutch 0.71
Dutch Letter Bars Belgian Dutch 0.71
Belgian Waffle Cookies Belgian Belgian 0.71
Almond Kipferl - Dutch Crescents Belgian Dutch 0.71
Belgian White Beer Cookies With Orange Icing Belgian Belgian 0.71
Jan's Belgian Waffles Belgian Belgian 0.70
Dutch Shortbread Boterkoek 1973 Belgian Dutch 0.70
Buttery Cupcakes Belgian Belgian 0.70
Dutch Almond Cookies (Amandel Koekjes) Belgian Dutch 0.70
Old Dutch Sand Tarts Belgian Dutch 0.69
Chocolate Cupcakes Belgian Belgian 0.69
Dutch Meatloaf a.k.a. "Mince Muttischen" Belgian Dutch 0.69
Vegetarian Nasi Rice Dish Belgian Dutch 0.69
Aalster Vlaai Belgian Belgian 0.69
Dutch Moorkoppen Belgian Dutch 0.68
Cheyenne's Fudgy Dutch Cocoa Brownies & Fudge Icing Belgian Dutch 0.68
Belgian Endive and Beetroot Salad Belgian Belgian 0.68
Dutch Crumb Cake Belgian Dutch 0.68
Belgian Christmas Cookies Belgian Belgian 0.68
Dutch Oven Brownie Belgian Dutch 0.68
Drunken French Country Chicken Au Gratin Belgian Belgian 0.67
Vegan Belgian Waffles Belgian Belgian 0.67
Belgian Cinnamon Cookies Belgian Belgian 0.67
Dutch Honey Bread Belgian Dutch 0.67
Apple Spice Dutch Oven Coke Cake Belgian Dutch 0.67
Pennsylvania Dutch Molasses Cookies Belgian Dutch 0.66
1840s Liege Waffle Belgian Belgian 0.66
Dutch Cinnamon Cake Belgian Dutch 0.66
Tarte Au Sucre Brun Belgian Belgian 0.66
Rabbit and Prune Stew Belgian Belgian 0.66
Rozijnen Koekjes - Raisin Cookies Belgian Dutch 0.66
Brussels Cookies Belgian Belgian 0.66
Jan Hagel Cookies Belgian Dutch 0.66